Top 7 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Best Web Hosting Companies and Services in Nigeria

Picking the best web hosting company for your business as a Nigerian can be a nightmare because the hosting service you choose to work with has a way to determine the success of your online business – from first-hand experience.

And so, you are kind of divided in thoughts, as in, should I go for a foreign web hosting company (Oyinbo) or I should use a Nigerian web hosting company (Naija) which most of them are based in Lagos. 😕


If this sounds a little or more like you, you don’t need to worry anymore because I have been there, and with the failure, I have encountered using various web hosting companies, I will list your need as a beginner, for a medium-sized business site, and also for a highly trafficked site.

First off, it should be noted that the best web hosting in 2021 in Nigeria should be fast to pass one of Google’s ranking factors, secure, so it doesn’t get infected and has customer support that will support you when you need such.

All in all, whether you’re starting a new blog, an e-commerce store, a small or medium enterprise website, we’ve selected the best web hosting firms so you can save money in the process/upfront.

Quick question. If you could pay for a web hosting Service Company that offers all of the above, how much do you think you would spend on domain registration and hosting per month/year for your blog or website?

Quick Note: While this guide is from firsthand experiences, it is worthy to note that some of the links in the guide are affiliate links where we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you choose to purchase using the link(s) on this page. Thanks for the support.

Let’s jump in so we find out the whole truth.

What is the Best Web Hosting in Nigeria?

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2 A-List of Top 7 Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria for Bloggers & Small Business Owners

I have suffered for 600 years in the hands of the most popular Nigerian web hosting companies, so, having learned my lessons with tears, below are the best web hosting service providers if you are talking about site speed, uptime, security features, ease of use, integrations/migrations in case you need such, and economy (cheap, cheaper, and cheapest).

  • DomainKing – Nigerian-based.
  • Hostinger
  • Bluehost or DreamHost .

Cheapest Foreign Web Hosting Provider in Nigeria

Enjoy a premium hosting service for your online business. Save up to 90% and get a hosting for $0.99/mo when you pay for 3 years in advance with a cloud-based performance hosting, a customized Cpanel for one-click installations, a free SSL certificate, and instant customer service chat.


Best web hosting company for small & medium websites

Want a premium but affordable web hosting service for small and medium businesses/websites, then Bluehost has room for you. Starting at $2.95/month, you get a free .com domain name for your business, a free SSL certificate, 1-click WordPress install, FTP, and 24/7 customer support.


Top Nigerian-based web hosting service for new sites.

DomainKing offers some of the best hosting plans for NEW users who are looking out for the perfect hosting service in Nigeria. Starting at ₦375/mo, their basic plan Web Hosting includes 1 website with reliable speed, a free domain name, with a free SSL certificate, and a responsive customer service.


Side Note – the best alternative to Bluehost is DreamHost – cheaper with savvy technical team support. In fact, I prefer it to Bluehost just that Bluehost is more popular.

A-List of Top 7 Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria for Bloggers & Small Business Owners

best web hosting company in nigeria

Here is a full list of the best web hosting services that offer you and your Nigerian business site speed for ranking, security features, uptime, ease of use, customer support, and integrations that your small/medium business website needs.

  • DomainKing – starting with Nigerian-based.
  • Hostinger.
  • Bluehost.
  • Hostgator.
  • DreamHost.
  • Cloudways.
  • Kinsta.

1. Domainking.Ng – Top Nigerian-Based Web Hosting with the best performing customer support

I adopted DomainKing accidentally when I first designed a website for a client in 2019.

Having used other popular Nigerian-based web hosting services which at times end up with the worst-case scenarios.

I have experienced the rudeness of some popular web hosting customer support – via phone call.

I have seen my website infected, and at another time, I have seen WordPress CMS taking a big fight before it could be installed by the team.

“Wahala be like some popular Nigerian-based web hosting companies”. 😂

So with DomainKing, I was surprised that I got a top-notch service from a Nigerian-based hosting institution.

Actually, I was wrong. How?

Only Managed in Nigeria, DomainKing is a Global Domain Registrar accredited with many Asian & African Registries.

web hosting in lagos

In clear terms, they are managed by the Indians, hence, the level of professionalism with how customers are treated and their services.

The said site I hosted without technical optimization loaded at 3.7seconds.

One of the sites I went on to host there, when tested loaded at 1.8s – the light-weight of the WordPress theme plays a rule as well though.

best web hosting services in nigeria

So, if you are looking for a low-budget Nigerian Hosting service to use then I recommend DomainKing.

Again, it is more recommended most especially if your readers are from Nigeria since you will get a free domain name to start off your business website or blog.

 ➡ Go to


Here are the cons and pros with

Cons with Domainking.Ng

Domainking logo 2-web hosting in nigeria

1. NO 24/7 chat support – DomainKing offers the best response time and technical savvy customer services so far I have used in Nigeria.

Be it as it may, I have to state that you will have to wait till the working hours to chat with them.

The alternative is going for email support. Apart from this, during the working hours, you get full chat support.

2. No Automatic Data Backup – you will need to back up your website data manually because they won’t do this for you automatically.

You can do that via settings in your Cpanel dashboard.

best web hosting in africa

3. 95% uptime – I experienced that one of the sites hosted there went off for about 4 hours some days ago.

While that was the first time to experience that, I had to disclose it to you sha.

Apart from that, you will have to give it to them as a Nigerian hosting company that is capable of keeping your site 24/7 at 95.5+% uptime.

Far better than the most popular Nigerian hosting company that helped me lose my business of 3 years in early 2018.


Pros with Domainking.Ng

Amongst the general Pros, here are the most notable. 

1. Reliable for small business and website owners – DomainKing is an economical web hosting company if you are a new blogger, affiliate marketer, or looking at managing a small business and website.

2. Free Domain Name – for your small website or business, DomainKing offers you a free domain name to start with.

3. Techy Customer Support – it is one thing for a company to have chat online support and another for them to be responsive and know what to do.

Domainking.Ng does not just offer a responsive customer chat support but savvy technicians to solve your problem.

Also, you can communicate with them via email support.


Note: there are other general PROS left out which are available on all our reviewed hosting services. I mean, free SSL certificate, Cpanel, and one-click installations plus other basic facilities a web host is expected to possess. Hosting Plans and Pricings

Here are some of the hosting plans.

Web Hosting Service Pricing/plans

Domainking wordpress Web Hosting Price in Nigeria

The web hosting service plan begins at N375 / month for the basic plan (Soldier), N375 / month for Medium (Minister), and N2000 / month for the Pro plan (King).


WordPress Hosting Service Pricing/plans – Faster than Web hosting.

DomainKing’s WordPress hosting service starts at N533/mo for the BabyGeek plan which can take up to 8,000 page views/month, N1667/mo for SeniorGeek which can take about 30,000 page views per month, and N3000/mo for the GaintGeek which can take about 75,000 page views per month.

Domainking Web Hosting Price in Nigeria

P.S – DomainKing’s WordPress hosting is 4x faster than the normal Web hosting. So, if you want something faster, then go with WordPress Hosting.

domain registration and hosting

Click below to get started with

2. Hostinger – the Cheapest Web Hosting Provider for Nigerians with Premium Taste

Like me in 2017/2018, I have heard of many failure stories by Nigerians using core Nigerian hosting companies – and so, they vowed not to use such again.

If you are among these sets of users, then I recommend using Hostinger for your small websites where you get that feel of premium hosting service and at the same time “cheap”.

With its Single Shared Hosting for beginners, you can manage 10,000 page views (visits) to your blog before you think of upgrading.

The good thing is that your blog will experience a CLOUD-based hosting experience – super responsive.

list of web hosting companies in nigeria

With over 29 million users in 178 countries so far, Hostinger is a Lithuanian-based hosting service which is popular for her ridiculous cheap hosting pricing.

 ➡ Go to Hostinger


Here are the cons and pros with Hostinger.

Cons with Hostinger

hostinger logo-web hosting in nigeria

1. $0.99 is for complete 3-year payments – you can only get the $0.99 USD / month hosting plan when you opt for 48 months.

2. Costly going forward – after the first year, paying for the same plan won’t be as it were.

(This is not a problem if your website makes money because it is applicable to all websites. You pay for good service).

Pros with Hostinger

Amongst the general Pros, here are the most notable ones. 


1. Cheap for Small Nigerian bloggers and online entrepreneurs – at less than $1/mo pricing, you can get your small business and website running with a blazing speed which means you concentrate all your energy on your business and not the technical stuff.

2. Cloud Based-Hosting – Unlike other core web hosting services like DomainKing.Ng, Hostgator, and Bluehost, Hostinger is built on the cloud framework which enhances your site performances.

3. Speed at its peak – Cloud-based hosting companies are known for super speed, so, Hostinger will help you with one of the most-after Google ranking – quick load time.

4. Backups of Data – with Hostinger you get your website data backed up automatically in case you want to move to another web hosting company.

5. Free Migration – I got in contact with them so days ago when I experienced downtime, and the response was that the migration of my site will be FREE.

So, if you are looking at moving to Hostinger, you will get the migration service for free – something Bluehost might charge you for.


Hostinger Web Hosting Plans and Pricings

Hostinger’s hosting service starts at $0.99/mo for Single Shared, $1.99/mo for Premium Shared Hosting which can take up to 25,000 page views/month, and the Business Shared Hosting plan at $3.99/mo which can take about 100,000 page views per month.

Hostginger Web Hosting Price in Nigeria

PS – both Premium and Business Plan come with a FREE .com domain name.


Click below to get started with Hostinger.

3. Bluehost – the most popular & cheap premium hosting for Medium websites and Businesses

When I tested a new site WITH NO CONTENT on Bluehost last month December 2020, it loaded in less than 0.6 seconds.

Best Web Hosting Providers

Probably, you have heard of Bluehost and you are like, what is in for me this time?

Well, Bluehost is a well-known web hosting service both in Nigeria and outside of Nigeria.

Apart from the fact that Bluehost is an official web hosting recommendation for WordPress websites, if you look at the Google Trend, you will see that it has high search volume in Nigeria.

bluehost web hosting Nigeria

The same thing goes for other countries if you look it up.

These results show you that a lot of Nigerians are opting for premium web hosting services.


Based in the USA, with 8+ million websites hosted on Bluehost, this is a cheap-but-premium web hosting company you can use right here in Nigeria.

best web hosting company in nigeria

I tried out their customer support and I got an instant reply. A good sign for users. 


Here are the cons and pros should you go for Bluehost.


Cons with Bluehost

bluehost logo-web hosting in nigeria

1. Need for more speed – While I got less than 0.6sec load time with a new website, as you start putting out content, the speed might be a bit of an issue unless you optimize it with speed plugins like WPRocket, W3 Total Cache, and others.

2. Costly going forward – after the first year, paying for the plans might be a bit pricy.

As was stated before, this applies to almost all web hosting services.


Pros with Bluehost

Amongst the general Pros, here are the most notable. 

1. Cheap for Small and Medium Business – Like millions of bloggers, Bluehost’s Basic plan is a great place to start out small and medium blog sites.

As a Nigerian, this is where you want to go if you need that spice of a premium website.

2. Officially recommended by WordPress – the web hosting company is officially recommended by CMS, so, they are pretty good for the task.

3. Free Domain Name – Bluehost offers a free domain name to start your blog or business with. The FREE domains come when you select from a year payment plan and above.

4. 24/7 customer support – they offer 24/7 customer support chat, email, and phone support in case you need them.


Hosting Plans and Pricing with Bluehost

Bluehost Web Hosting Price in Nigeria

Bluehost’s hosting service starts at $2.95/mo*for Shared
hosting, $15.95/mo* for Online Stores, and $19.95/mo for Managed WordPress.

In case you are looking at using Bluehost, the Shared plan at $2.95/mo is just enough to start your website or blog.


Click below to get started with Bluehost.

4. Hostgator – the best Bluehost alternative for Nigerian bloggers and Small Businesses

When I went for Hostgator in 2019, it was so I could get a fast loaded website since I was managing a lifestyle blog.

While I wasn’t disappointed as my blog didn’t go down for any day. With the hosting company, my blog loaded at 2.4 secs with optimization.

domain registration and hosting in Nigeria

Headquartered in Houston, USA, and managing over 9 million websites, Hostgator is quite popular and a budget-friendly hosting company since you can host your website at less than $2.8/month.

best web hosting in nigeria 2021

Also, if you are a Nigerian looking for the best Bluehost alternative for Nigerian bloggers and Small Businesses, the right choice is Hostgator.

Like Bluehost, Hostgator is owned by the same corporate body, the Endurance International Group (EIG) – an American company.

At Hostgator, you can join millions of other website owners and get started at $2.75 per month.     


Here are the cons and pros with HostGator.

While the hosting company offers basic facilities such as FREE SSL, Cpanel, one-click installation, and more, we are going on to concentrate on the core benefits and the missing pieces.


Cons with HostGator

1. Hosting Payment Validation – on Hostgator you will need to submit an ID for validation of your account.

For me, I used the NIN slip and it went through. So, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

2. The Speed can be better – if you need a super-fast website then you might need to pay more for a Hostgator cloud/VPS account. But with a new website, you wouldn’t have any problem.

Be it as it may, for the fact that I have used it myself, the speed HostGator offers is more than okay to get your online business up and running.


Pros with HostGator

1. Popular and Cheap – HostGator is unarguably a popular and cheap web hosting company to use and make your business go streamline at $2.75 a month.

Plus, if you have suffered at the hands of Nigerian-based hosting companies, you will thank me for recommending Hostgator since you will enjoy up to 99.98% uptime – your site is live and working.

2. Free Domain Name – Hostgator offers a free domain name to start your blog or business with.

The FREE domain comes when you select a yearly payment plan and above.

3. 24/7 online chat support – When you become a Hostgator customer you enjoy 24/7 online chat support in case you run into any form of challenge.

Plus, you can make use of her international phone number.

4. Free Migration – you also get a free migration of your website from other web hosts.

Let’s say you are moving your website from a Nigerian web hosting company to HostGator, you will get this service all for FREE.


Hostgator Hosting Plans and Pricings

hostgator Web Hosting Price in Nigeria

Hostgator’s hosting service starts at $2.75/mo for the Hatchling Plan, $3.50/mo for Baby Plan, and $5.25 for the Business plan.

As a new blogger or business owner, Hostgator’s hosting plan at $2.75/mo is enough to set the ball rolling.


Click below to get started with Hostgator.

5. Dreamhost – the best Bluehost & HostGator Alternative and challenger

There are a lot of people who do not want to do anything with either Bluehost or Hostgator since they are managed by the same corporate body- the EIG.

If you are one of those super geeks that want more, then I recommend the best Bluehost & HostGator alternative which is DreamHost.

Popular for her savvy customer support and uptime, DreamHost is a super-friendly low budget hosting company for those that want peace of mind from the noises out there.

web hosting server service in Nigeria

At $2.59/mo you can start your online business and watch the progress.


Here are the cons and pros

Unlike DomainKing, Hostgator, and Bluehost that have basic Cpanel, Dreamhost comes with a custom Cpanel like Hostinger to manage your website.

Apart from that, like others, you get free SSL, one-click installation, and more as discussed.


Cons with Dreamhost

1. No Free Custom Email Account – a custom email account is a basic FREE feature that comes with normal hosting services.

But with DreamHost, you will have to pay $1.67/mo for it.

Apart from this, I can tell you that Dreamhost offers you a no-nonsense hosting service when it comes to security, uptime, customer support, and more.

PS – this is only for her first hosting plan. If you go for the Shared Unlimited plan you will get a free Custom webmail account.


Pros with Dreamhost

1. A Veteran in the WordPress hosting world – Dreamhost is a well-known agent as far as WordPress web hosting is concerned.

Apart from being recommended by top brands, this is a silent hosting service that puts your business at the forefront before anything else.

 2. Techy Support – DreamHost’s customer service is helpful and you’ll always get a solution from them.

3. Uptime and Free domain – DreamHost’s Server speed concerning WP when it is pressured with resources could be a little faster, but overall it’s more than acceptable for your online business.

Also, you get a free business domain name to start your blog/website.

4. Free Migration – get your website data moved for free on DreamHost.


Dreamhost Hosting Plans and Pricings

Dreamhost Web Hosting Price in Nigeria

Dreamhost’s hosting service starts at $2.59/mo for the Shared Starter – a great package to start a new website, and $3.95/mo for her Shared Unlimited plan, great for multiple websites.


Click below to get started with Dreamhost.

Choosing a Managed hosting against a shared hosting

First off, do you know what I mean by Managed Web Hosting Service?

It means, your site is managed independently unlike shared hosting where a lot of other websites are packed together where they share data resources.

For a shared hosting service your Websites can be slow if you use a lot of data since there are other websites on the server.

Also, Servers can get overloaded and freeze up the website.

But with managed web hosting, your website runs flawlessly since you are the only pilot boarding the affairs of your website.


My first experience with a Managed Web Hosting Service was in 2018/2-19 when I looked for a good service to manage my trafficked site back then.

Good, I signed up on Vultr which was about $5, and bammmm.

I got frustrated. I couldn’t install WordPress or get to make it work. Why?

Because Managed Web Hosting Services are for developers/webmasters.

That is to say.

You can find a cheap VPS host at $5 but you are the one to deploy it to work, manage the SSL and security against hacking – securing your Nginx, and a lot more.

6. Cloudways – the Best Managed Web Hosting Services for Non-Developers/Medium and High Trafficked Websites

best web hosting site in nigeria

In a bid to take care of all the technicalities of launching the droplet for a VPS, maintaining it, and keeping it secure, Cloudways came up with an all-inclusive package where your website is fully managed even if you know nothing about coding – for a managed web hosting service.

At Cloudways, you get different native VPS web hosting companies such as Vultr, DigitalOcean, Aws and etc. where you get to choose the one you want to work with while they do the complicated setup for you.

Cloudways hosting pricing in Nigeria

Your work is to focus on your business while they take care of technical stuff.


In terms of technically, Cloudways manages your server for patches and kernel stuff.

They also upscale servers easily using their own CDN.

The overall service they offer is great for someone who doesn’t want to learn some console commands and get by with basic stuff.

Also great for WordPress in general.

top web hosting in nigeria

And lastly, should you be asking if you need a Cloudways account as a beginner. The answer is yes and no.

No – this is not for new bloggers/ business websites with less than 20,000 a month traffic.

Yes – if you want to manage your site independently and if your site receives 20,000+ visit’s a month.

Also, yes, if you want a complete 99.99% uptime for your website. Always live and working.


Here are the cons and pros with Cloudways

It is worthy to note that Cloudways as a managed hosting comes with a full-packaged infrastructure to manage your website, so, the best is what you get.

A few of the things that stand out are their support, pricing, and security of your blog/website. 


Cloudways Cons

1. Limited Access to Server – one of the cons with it is that you may not be given access to your server.

For this, their mindset is that you came to them because you gave up everything for them to manage. So, I guess, this is not a problem as far as you have free backups for your website data.

2. Aggrieve marketing – Cloudways can be aggressive if you try out their service. Lol.

This is not part of their MAIN hosting issues. It is just that their marketing team will keep reminding you of starting your site on Cloudways if at all you tried it for free.

As far as this is not part of your business functionality, then it is overlooked as you can unsubscribe from their marketing emails. 

3. No Free Domain Name – you don’t get a free domain name with Cloudways. This is it.

Cloudways, as explained before now is for high-trafficked websites so it is assumed that you already have a domain name, hence, no provision for such.

(Personally, I wouldn’t count this as a con since I already have a domain I will move over to Cloudways).


Pros with Cloudways

There are more than 20 reasons I would recommend Cloudways but I will list out just a few.  

1. Pricing – to host a managed website where all the technicalities are taken care of at just $10/mo is so good compared to typical shared hosting which starts at $6-$12/mo if paid monthly.

2. A-Z management of your site – you get hands-free management of your website, with full performance to cap the fees.

 3. Advanced Tech Team – unlike some funny web hosting service where the customer personnel will transfer you to the next available savvy assistant, you get the best at Cloudways.

4. Free Advanced Faculties – when you host with Cloudways you are opened to advanced add-ons such as automatic backup, Free CDN – to skyrocket your site speed, 24/7 server monitoring, Regular Security Patching, zero site freeze with Auto Healing facilities, and more.

5. Free Migration – like me, if you are ready to move to Cloudways, you will get this all for free.

Just sign up and contact their online support so they can move your website data to their servers.


Cloudways Hosting Plans and Pricings

Because Cloudways incorporates many independently managed Hosting services, you will have to choose the service that fits into your budget, but if you ask me, I recommend you start with Digital Ocean or Vultr.

top web hosting in nigeri price in Nigeria

Cloudways’s managed hosting service with Digital Ocean starts at $10/mo, $12/mo for hosting with Linode, $11 with Vultr, $36.51 with Amazon Web Services, and $ 33.18/mo with Google Cloud.


Click below to get started with Cloudways.

7. Kinsta – the best Cloudways Alternative and Premium Web hosting service

Should you be looking for the best Cloudways alternative and premium web hosting service for big corporations and individuals, then I recommend no other than Kinsta.

nigeria webhosting firms

Kinsta is the best web hosting to use if your site receives 50,000+, you want a 10/10 premium experience for your small business site, you are hosting a website for Government agencies such as Shell, Total, N-power, National Assemblies, federal Ministries and etc., you get the point, right?

And lastly, if your client is a Celebrity, or if he or she lives in Banana Island, Lekki, and the likes, go for Kinsta web hosting where you can’t go wrong because your $30 per month for a website with less than 26,000 visits will be utilized to the brim.


Going with Kinsta, the cons, and pros

I have personally gone through the user experience to see if there is a major con with Kinsta, the truth is, apart from no free domain, there is none.

Offering the same facilities and more as offered on Cloudways, Kinsta focuses on WordPress websites built on the Google Cloud framework.

The concept with Kinsta is, focus on your business while they manage your site flawlessly. It’s that simple.


Cons with Kinsta

1. No free domain Name – while you can test your site for free with their custom domain name, for your personal business, Kinsta does not offer a free domain name.

 2. Pricing – this is a con to those who do not understand the magic with Kinsta.

But when you get the idea that you get the exact service you pay for with Kinsta, then the pricing should make you smile at $30 per month to manage a site with 25,000 visits a month.


Pros with Kinsta

1. Cloud set up with Advanced Facilities – coupled with an intuitive interface to manage your site, Kinsta is built on the Google Cloud Platform which sets your site blazing and fast.

Also, you get automatic backup of your website data, reinforcement against hack, no offstage even if you use up your resources, and free CDN to enhance speed.

2. A-Z management of your site – with Focus on WP – Kinsta allows you to run your business while they take care of everything for your WordPress site.

As far as you want to run a WordPress site, they are the experts.

Also, if you are planning to build an e-commerce store, their Redis facility takes care of your needs in terms of site performances.

3. 24/7 site monitoring and Support – coupled with a 24/7 monitoring of your website which ensures that uptime of 99.99% is guaranteed, you also get standby customer support in case you run into any challenge – on rare occasions.

4. Free Migration – moving your site from another host is not a problem because you get a free migration from the Kinsta team.


NB: you can try Kinsta all for free.


Kinsta Hosting Plans and Pricings

kinsta Web Hosting Price in Nigeria

Kinsta’s hosting service starts at $30/month for her STARTER plan, $60/month for the PRO plan, and $100+/month for her various Business plans.


Click below to get started with Kinsta.

What is the Truth(s) about Nigerian Webhosting Firms?

Having used up to 5 popular Nigerian-based hosts since 2016 – with apologies or bad news, the truth remains that most Nigeria Webhosting Firms are suitable for small and total beginner bloggers who do not expect up to 6,000 visits per month.

While you might run into a lot of issues with them as I did even without up to 2,000 visits per month, you have to be ready to take matters into your hands.

Even worse, one of the sites I had with one of them got infected immediately when moved from Hostgator as a way of trying things out.

If you should use a Nigerian hosting company, be sure to take FULL responsibility for your web data.

I mean, BACK UP YOUR WEB DATA YOURSELF so that if you get pissed off TODAY you can migrate your website or blog to any of these companies: Hostinger, Bluehost, Hostgator, Cloudways, and Kinsta.


A summary of Shared hosting web hosting services and managed hosting services in Nigeria.


Shared Hosting – speed is not optimum. 99.99% uptime is not guaranteed, your site might go down anything without warning, and also when you use up your resources, the security of your website is based on you.

The examples of the top native Shared hosting services: Bluehost, HostGator, and DomainKing 


Cloud-Shared Hosting – they are advanced shared hosting but with more capacity to manage your site plus maximum perform in terms of speed.

The examples of the top CLOUD shared hosting services: Hostinger and Dreamhost. 


Managed Hosting – this is an independent hosting package where your site is deemed to perform flawlessly since only you or a handful of other sites are using the resources with you.

The examples of MANAGED web hosting services: Cloudways and Kinsta.


What is the Best Small Business Hosting in Nigeria?

Since you are in Business and not ready to jump from pillar to post figuring how your website works and all whatnots.

The recommended web hosts for small business in Nigeria should be reliable for your daily activities, has good customer support, and with affordable pricing.

The 4 best small business web hosts for business people in Nigeria are:

  • Hostinger – Cloud-based.
  • Bluehost or Hostgator – shared hosting.
  • Dreamhost – better than shared hosting.
  • Kinsta – premium.

What is the Cheapest Web hosting for my blog/website in Nigeria?

With the same qualities you need to look out for: (reliability, security, price, and customer service), the recommended and cheap hosting company for a new blog is DomainKing – a Nigeria-based web hosting, or Hostinger – a cloud-based but cheap hosting at $0.99 per month.

The next best and affordable hosting is DreamHost at less than $2.6 per month.


What is the best hosting for trafficked websites in Nigeria?  

While my taste and yours will quite be different but the standard is, if it is less than 15,000 views per month, you can start with Hostinger and enjoy that cloud-based framework.

In case you want a flawless service then going for DreamHost, highly recommended.


Going on, if you see 25,000+, then Bluehost or Hostgator is recommended.

However, I would rather pay for Cloudways for 30,000+ visits per month blog than Bluehost or Hostgator since I can easily scale the price with Cloudways. 


And where does Kinsta come in?

Kinsta is that big giant you can use IF ONLY you can pay for it as they fit into all the categories for users.

If you can use either Cloudways or Kinsta from the onset – you wouldn’t need to jump to another hosting when your site starts receiving 25,000+ views per month.


The summary of choosing the top web hosting companies in Nigeria

If I am a new business or a small blogger that wants cheap hosting but with good performance, I would go for Hostinger.

And if I don’t feel like using Hostinger, I would go with Dreamhost, Bluehost, or Hostgator.

Practically, Dreamhost over Hostgator or Bluehost.

And for a site that is well established in terms of the traffic, I would go for Cloudways as it is way less costly.


However, if the BLOG IN QUESTION earns up to $1,000 per month, I would go with Kinsta without the need for future migration of the site to another hosting company.

Plus, if you are hosting for big clients, I recommend Kinsta for the best.

I’d go with Dreamhost – for affordability plus their exciting savvy tech team.

And lastly, Hostinger – as a last resort if your budget is really that bad.


As for Bluehost or Hostgator, they are popular and good alternatives if you don’t feel like using DreamHost.


The “modus operandi” with web hosting is, the best service(s) has the best price(s) attached to it.

That is it on the best web hosting company and services to use in Nigeria.


After weeks of fighting to come up with this elaborate review, I would be happy to take up your questions in the comment section if you have 1 or more.


  1. December 4, 2021
  2. Anistar
    August 24, 2022
    September 5, 2022
  4. Evans Chymer
    October 30, 2022

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