72 Hour Income Generator Program money
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If you had to feed your family with nothing but your investment commissions from a reputable income project like 72 Hour Income Generator Program and you only had 70 days to do it, what would you do each day for the next 70 days until you hit the target?

I am sure in the next 70 days, well, we should be in the …mber months.

Now, when I talk about investment, it is not a bluff you put your money on as a wedge or out of the fear – Gambling, Hyip, and so on.

At this point, I am talking about an investment option wherefore the survival of your family, your children’s honor, and of course, your wife or date depends upon?

In my little days on earth, I have realized that Lack or Call It Poverty takes honor from a man. Don’t quote me wrong. Being Poor or dying poor is not bad nor will you have a restlessness in your grave.

On the other way round, what if you had one opportunity to be a good father, uncle, spouse, brother or a great philanthropist? Sounds fair enough? The magic question is, how can you achieve all the above without Money?

Like I noted above, you can CHOOSE to die poor and still rest in perfect peace, but as far as we are alive, it is in this world you will need the children’s school fees, money for your partner’s clothing, buy the good things of life, food and shelter for our loved ones.

I don’t know your current financial situation but if you have ever tasted my spot, it wasn’t pleasant nor funny. When Lack beats you you can boil over and over and over again.

The only thing about it will lie on the redemption called Hunger-CHANGE, it will either be that you rise against it or bend for more Lack & Wants beatings.

In one of my dark days of financial turmoil and lack, I had to postpone taking my Nephews and Niece who wanted their uncle to take them out for a lunch in a newly opened fast food place.

While I kept assuring them that I will, MY I WILL turned to Future-Future Tense I SHALL

I never did because I was a wicked uncle? Hell no! It described a situation I was: in total LACK; At that point, I realized that I needed one thing – a Change.

I don’t know why people paint Lack or Poverty as being Humble or religious.

Please, nothing is humbling or religious about LACK; not having the chance to show love and care to those you love is a zero form of humility or religiousness. At least I know that Love rooted in ACTIONS!

If the above describes your current situation, the big question now is, “how hungry are you to strike a difference, that is, if the difference will bring a life of Enjoyment, friendship, freedom from Financial Survival, Pain, Anguish and Frustrations?.

I’m sorry at this point, I can’t answer this for you, how bad you want it will show in your action after this.

If you had to make one choice and jump on an investment program that is capable of striking the balance, will you give up all PRIDE to JUMP at it? Note, this is no vague or overnight success quick scheme nonsense people talk about.

This program has no room for a jump in-and-out system. If you were so humble enough to give in 72hrs or there-about hours to get all the VIDEO details, would you?

If your answer is yes, then I have good news for you. This is great for beginners, and this is something TOTALLY different.

The Program I am talking about is called “72 Hour Income Generator”.

Without any sense of regrets, I can say that a lot of people, at least the persons that have come in were broken and some super stricken in financial Lack until they found and enrolled in the 72 Hour Income Generator Program.

72 Hour Income Generator Program money

Since the launch of the parent company affiliate program – Expertnaire Affiliate Program, they have gone ahead to pay out millions of Naira in Commissions to affiliate members.

The most exciting part is that these PAYMENTS are made every 7 days. Meaning, if you earn ₦40,000 from now till Friday, on Friday evening you should get an alert from your bank institution.

And yet, Last Month MORE than 100+ Success hungry Nigerians that needed financial breathing space turned in on Expertnaire and in Every 7 days payment is non-negotiable. 

But what is the 72 Hour Income Generator Program all about and what is Expertnaire also?


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Expertnaire or Expertnaire.com is an online platform that allows Experts (those with quality information, knowledge, and expertise) to list and sell their products on their marketplace.

On Expertnaire, Nigerians with quality knowledge-based digital products can list them – along with marketing materials that make selling them easier for affiliates.

Then affiliates can sign up to the Expertnaire platform, pick one or more products to market and use the affiliate links of each product to market them.

When someone buys the product via the affiliates’ link, the affiliate will get a commission for that product.

Expertnaire platform is owned by a well-respected internet marketer in the Nigerian Internet Marketing Industry. His name is Toyin Omotoso.

Strikingly, the Expertnaire affiliate network is one of the best if not the best affiliate platforms in Nigeria. How do I know this?

The least commission on any product on Expertnaire is 25%.  More so, there is one product’s commission that can earn you ₦60,000+ instantly. But who DOES that, 25-80% commissions? That is why I said they are the best as your effort is handsomely rewarded…

How does Expertnaire Connect with the 72 Hour Income Program?”

72 Hour Income Generator Program REVIEW

The 72 IG Program is the foundational program on the Expertnaire Affiliate Network. This is a program every newbie to making money online needs to start seeing.

The 72 Income Generator Program shows you everything you need to scale other areas inside Expertnaire without having to pay for one of every one of a program (to learn how it works).

Hands down this is one of the best courses I’ve seen in a long time guiding you step-by-step.

With the 72 Income Generator Program, you get FREE access to video training modules that will teach you everything you need to start making money on Expertnaire. Some of them include:

#1. Product & Audience Research:

You will be taught the art of finding the right product to promote e.g. what is the product about, what result it delivers, how the product works to get people the results it promises, etc.).

In here you learn how to target the right set of people for your product promotion. For instance, if it’s weight loss product, you will learn how to target this niche only.

#2. Email Marketing & List Building Systems

There is so much about Email marketing that a newbie can take forever to figure out themselves. But thank God for the 72 Hour Income Generator program because it takes you step by step on how to build your Email List using free or premium tools such as Aweber & GETResponse.

You will also get how to Create autoresponders (emails that send themselves even if you are asleep all you need to do is schedule them), writing high converting email copies that will force subscribers to buy, and of course, FREE samples so you can see what they are talking about.

#3. Creating your Landing Pages

There are many marketing tenses I am leaving out so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Be it as it may, with the 72 hour program, you will be taught how to build special pages such as Squeeze page, thank you page, and all other forms of breach pages.

All this is to help you convert your NEW VISITORS to buy or leave their emails so you can contact them afterward.

The Good news is that a far as you enrolled for the 72 hour program you get FREE access to the Landing Page Builder Software/tool worth $97 (almost ₦36,000).

#4. Driving Targeted Traffic using other Media Source as, Instagram

While the main traffic source here is Facebook, the 72 hour income generator program goes all out to teach you how to maximize the other forms of traffic so you take total control.

Up till now, you might have thought that Instagram ads promotion is a big deal. Yeah, yeah, but no. Of course, that is why the program is for total newbies because you will learn how to do this all by yourself.

#5. Design Simple Websites For Your Promotion Offers

The website you are on now was built using WordPress CMS. I’m not sure if you know what I mean.

What I mean is that you will also be taught how you too can build a simple WordPress website page so you can immediately promote your product offers on Expertnaire for commissions.

I will tell you more about this program, but for now, let me round it up with the following. You learn more on the ABSOLUTE ways of:

  • Pre-selling and positioning for a sell,
  • Free Samples of Tools to copy and paste and get started.

Please watch the Pre-Videos to learn more. Click Below to Watch the Full Video Tutorial

Before we see some earning proofs, here’s a Video overview of 72 hr income program.

How 72 Hour Income Generator Program has Changed Lives

You are a Civil servant, right?

I’ve got nothing against it but I dreaded being a civil servant from level 8 (my thoughts as I was serving in my NYSC) because I couldn’t imagine having to borrow and pay the next month’s DEBTS after lending to survive in the previous month (as said by others).

Yet, my biggest consideration was not having the financial freedom I have ever been pursuing.

The former alone scared me to death, and to think of getting married early with Government Monthly ₦60,000 as a Level 8 B.ENG holder scared the hell out of me.

That’s not even enough to pay a few utility bills in where you might be living, let alone provide for your entire family! 

That thought kept me awake at night…

Because deep down, I knew it wasn’t just some statistic…

These are REAL people, with families…

And don’t get me wrong – earning a few thousands of Naira as a Civil Servant each month is awesome! 

But I couldn’t help but wonder…

What if you had to feed your family with nothing but through the GEMS from 72 Hour Income Generator Program commissions?

The thought played over and over and over again in my head…

And I found myself getting frustrated for on reason…. making money online selling commissioned products or programs is FAR easier today than it used to be.

So why aren’t most people making consistent money each month? That’s the difference between those putting in the work now and those running after Fast Get Rich Scheme on the internet.

But until you know exactly what the former are doing then you are unlike to strike a change. So, let’s hit the nail HARD!

My Product/Affiliate Commissions – 72 Hour Income Generator Program?

Product or affiliate commission is the commission you make for telling your friends/others about a product. In this case, it is done by using your referral link. Your referral link can look like this – https://mywebsite.com/r=f2349023

With the above link, if I share it with my friends who end up buying or paying for the product/service, I will be rewarded.

Now for instance,

I bought a Wristwatch on Jumia, and the good news was that 11% commission was awaiting me if ONLY I was willing to tell my friends about the company who will buy the Wristwatch as well.

I was excited so I shared my Jumia.com Wristwatch referral link to them, and as it was, one of them bought went ahead to buy the item.

The resultant effect was that because the stated 11% sales commission was awaiting me, I was rewarded for my efforts of sharing the Wrist Watch’s referral link with my friends.

Below is the strength of sells from sharing one of my product sells referral link with others based on what was working for me.

72 Hour Income Generator Program

The above explains how this works… 

I used a service/product, it turns out that it was good, so, what happened? I shared it with 170+ of my friends/persons on the WhatsApp group, and the result is what you have seen above.

Using Wrist Watch as a Product Case Study,

Now imagine that my commission for each Wrist Watch sold is ₦2,000, my total profit will be 70 x ₦2,000 = ₦140,000.

Back to the 72 Hour Income Generator affiliate Program.

Imagine that after joining over 600+ Nigerians to learn “what I know” which worked for me above, apply the same or with a better strategy to get a good result, what will the feeling be like?

This was mine. The first payment will ALWAYS make you Blush. I have been there so I can tell you when I received my first payment from the Company.

See this. There is no abounding joy after being paid for your efforts, be it small or big hard work.

Of course, you might say that sharing the link on WhatsApp was hard work, well it was because I had to do it not once or twice; the same way we share Messages or Press Releases we think are worthy to be seen by friends.

Now if you are interested in beating your financial tangle, stay with me as I unveil this analysis that will only look bizarre if not absurd.

Using my above sales…

From my 70+ I pulled, let’s say I was promoting a ₦60,000+commission product from the parent company called Expertnaire.com.

₦60,000+? Yes, that’s no mistake.

On the platform, there is a product you can get a commission of ₦60,000+ because you deserve it.

Since I pulled in 70 sells, the calculation is as thus:  ₦60,000 X 70 = 4,270,000. ₦4.2 Million is what I would have taken home.

Now tell me WHY I would be a humble civil servant if my effort of about 1-3 months can be rewarded with ₦4,000,000? In how many months can a Level 8 Civil Servant earned ₦4,000,000? Still thinking about it though.

Okay, I know what might be going through your head now. It can’t happen! Hang on.

Before I show you HOW to duplicate the same success, there is yet another program still on Expertnaire.com that pays you ₦6,000 for telling your friends about the program. And when I say telling, they signed up right? 

If my sell still stands at 70…

That will be ₦6,000 X 70 = ₦420,000. Even though at a profit of ₦420,000, you can beat the reach of a normal level 8 civil servant I guess.

But how can you duplicate the same and pull in up to 50+ SELLS? That is the question that is moving like an Agama lizard in your mind. On the flip side, the right question should be, can I tell my friends about it?

Even though your response is yes or no, there is a Structure to get sales, and the only way is through the 72 Hour Income Generator Program.

Succeeding With 72 Hour Income Generator Affiliate Program As A Lazy Person

How do you feel about the above? I mean, “Succeeding in the program even if you are lazy”. If that is you, I don’t think you will have any success with this program as the 6 figure earners.  

Going into the 72 Hour Income Generator Program a bit. You will be taught how to make your promotion (if you can’t tell your friends or use WhatsApp).

This promotion will help your product sells or pitch to be seen by thousands of people that are interested in whatever you will love to promote from the platform.  

While I pulled in 70 persons for my sell, I never had thousands to see my promotions. How do I mean?

As I told us, it was on WhatsApp. I only shared with about 190+ persons, and out of the figure, about 70+ signed up, the end result is what we saw above.

But with the 72 Hours Income program, you will be taught how to get your product promotion exposed to thousands of people, and if you do the math, you are at an advantage than I was.

I mean, if I had 190+ persons who saw my WhatsApp link promotions and got 70 sales, being exposed to thousands of persons you can pull in 100+ sells.

A Typical MARKETING Analysis

Upon applying the lessons as taught in the 72 hour income program, let’s say 7,000 persons saw your promotion, from the 7,000, 180 of them clicked on your link, and out of the 180, 2 persons signed up using your referral link, you are qualified for the next Friday payout.

Again, let’s say that you promoted an Expertnaire product that its commission was ₦60,000+.

That means, 2 sells x ₦60,000+ = ₦122,000.

Also, let’s assume that what you spent ₦3,000 for 7,000 persons to see your promotion.


₦122,000 – ₦2,000 = ₦120,000. Don’t know what you think but I do believe this is fair enough.

Profit – ₦120,000 (after expenses).

And if it took a ₦4,000 promotion to make 2 sells, that is ₦120,000 – ₦4,000 = ₦116,000. Not still bad. This is the lazy part I meant.

If you can’t pull in 10 sales, at least 2 from a good product promotion still does the work. And if you say, I don’t want to promote again, it’s fine because it is up to you.

The Power of the Negative Mind:

Is a negative mind telling you that this is not possible or a profit of ₦60,000 is way too much?  Well, you can choose not to believe it. But see this.

Not believing the above is the same way you can’t comprehend the fact that our legislators take home ₦11,000,000+ every month for literally doing not so much but to appear 3-6 times in the upper chambers. 

Truth: the way to beat a negative mind is to disagree with it immediately it comes up; don’t colabo to think twice with it.

For me, I like to silence it by screaming a Shut up or I rebuke line. And you can do this anywhere you are because negativity comes to all.

Talking about positivity or possibility

This worked for 5 (72 Hour income Generator) members before the 5 called in the 30, before the 30 called in the 100, and before the 100 called in the 500.

Currently, the number of members stands at 600 (as at the last time of checking), it might be that when you join the groups (Telegram and Facebook), the 600+ will go-ahead to invite more than 1,050 persons.

And why are they inviting others? BECAUSE they are philanthropists? Hell no! They are paid handsomely for it.

They are paid more than ₦10,000 for doing that. For instance, if I invite 10 persons, my commission is more than ₦100,000, and even more than ₦120,000.

The commissions in this program are enticing so it’s better I leave it here until you understand why this is a game-changing program.

How to Make Back your Money Invested in 72 Hour Income Generator Training Program

One of the promotional ways you will be taught in 72 hour income program is using Facebook to promote your product for sales/commissions. Your question could be, but I don’t know how to run Facebook ads.

Now, I am not supposed to expose this but I have to so you don’t think there is a magical peel given to over 600 Nigerians who are getting Paid every 7 days.

Expertnaire AFFILIATE 1network (1)

In essence, some of them might be using other Channels to promote their Commissions product on Expertnaire but the main source is Facebook. Let me pause to show you that cause I work with Data and Proofs.

From the image above you will see that the majority of the traffic to Expertnaire.com comes from Facebook, meaning 80% of us as we are taught are using the same technique I am about to share with you now. Note, I am not supposed to open this up.

When I placed my promotional Facebook Ad, I Paid Facebook ₦1,500.

But how did I pay Facebook from Nigeria? I used my Naira Debit or ATM Card to add the ₦1,500 to my Facebook account where after I used to run the promotional or campaign ads.

The result of the ads was that about 7,000+ persons SAW MY ad as was promoted.

(Quick Note: have you ever seen a sample of Facebook Promotional ads? If no I will put one below. Also, I will give you the best ones as a Bonus so you can succeed easily).


 Below is a promotional ad on Facebook. Sponsored means that it is PAID FOR.

72 Hour Income Generator Program cryptohopper pay

My result was that about 10,000+ persons saw my ad and from the 10,000+, about 200+ clicked to check it out. Because I testing my ad to see my opt-in or conversion results, I never promoted my product directly.

 Let’s say that out of the 200 that clicked on my ad, 3 decided to buy the product using my referral link, and of course, if I was promoting a commission-based product of ₦9,000, my profit will be {3 buyers X ₦9,000 commission} = ₦27,000.

And ₦27,000 – ₦1,500 (the amount I used for my ads), Profit = 25,500.

It’ okay to note that your result is not typical but that is the representation. BY being typical, I mean 4-9 persons can sign up, and yet, 1 or 2 persons can sign up, so, you will always get your unique result.

At this point, what you need to do is a pause to see if you have made back your money invested, and if not, repeat the same strategy and there you go.

Remember that if I promoted a ₦60,000+ product, the result will be – ₦60,000+ commission X 3 sells…

I did talk about Earning Even as a LAZY Man

The essence of the 72 income program is to teach you in-depth on how to make you a success. Why? If you make money, the company makes money as well, so it’s a win-win.

I promoted my referral link with my friends (I was limited). The Essene of the program is to teach you how to go beyond and autopilot your income or your limited reach.

What does that mean?

That success leaves footprints, the exact steps over 600 Nigerians are using to get paid every Friday. I mean, this weekend, some of us will be paid without moving a muscle.

The confidence is that if you are reading this now, I was once in your shoe, TOTALLY clueless but currently, I know tons of places to share my referral links to scale my earnings.

Why am I telling you that? That I ain’t any magical man. You can make this work if you think you can!

And of course, if you have any questions, you are free to ask in the group (Telegram or Facebook) or if you want to ask me, why not, I will leave my WhatsApp Chat link so you can contact me any time except Saturdays and Sundays.

Kindly note that the new & upgraded version of this program is called the “72IG Implementation Program”. But don’t worry, let’s use the former name and continue.

How Smart Nigerians Are Made Overnight Successes Via the 72 Hour Income Generator Program

I want to believe that if you apply what you will be taught and see results, will you call that an overnight success? If yes, then that is exactly what I mean. Below are some of us that have applied the lessons from the 72 Hour income Generator.

72 Hour Income Generator affiliate Program my facebook ads 2
72 Hour Income Generator Program earnings 2 + expertnaire

It is worthy to note that the knowledge you get from the 72 Hour Income Generator Program is universal, I mean you can apply it anywhere to get same result.

As we go on I will show you that you can apply the same methods to promote products on KONGA, JUMIA or any other affiliate program to get positive results.

Talking of Jumia, not sure about Konga,

The bad thing with Jumia affiliate program is that Jumia pays ONLY 11% commission on every successful sale. But on Expertnaire, you get 40-80% commissions.

Surprisingly, the least commission on any product on Expertnaire is 25%. Glad to know that there is one product’s commission that can earn you ₦60,000+.

But who DOES that, 25-80% commissions? Well, you will get exposed to them after you join the 72 Hour Income Generator Program

But, note:

All payments are made every 7 days, so, if you make ONE sale of ₦60,000 on Friday evening you will get the ALERT the next Friday as proper Documentation is of the essence.

Before You Today: Financial Freedom Vs Survival via Struggles

Before I show you how the knowledge you will get from 72 Hour Income Generator Program can be applied in all spheres to make money online, here is what to take home.

Today, you can choose to take a step that will move the mountain of financial struggles, and in the next 14 – 60 days, you will have the result(s) to show forth.

Looking below, from another program like Jumia, you will see that I made 3 sales out of the 670 number of persons that came through my referral link.

72 Hour Income Generator Program my cryptopblizz payment

Now, this product’s commission was at $42+ per sale. (Also I made the 3 sells before up to 350 persons ever saw my promotion).

Since I was able to sell 3 products, the calculation is pretty simple as it is as follows:

3 x $46 =$138.75

Exchanging the above to Nigerian Naira was more than ₦43,000. Okay, I will show you how I withdrew the money. Why?

I want to do this to show you that this works, so, I am not trying to sell you anything. If it has worked for me and others then why won’t it work for you if get the video lessons?

BUT…Negativity is a disease like Poverty.

If deep down you believe that you can’t make this Happen then there is nothing ANYONE else can do because No War is won except first in the MIND. So, if you have conditioned your mind for failure, I would say, don’t even attempt to because you might fail.

This is how to do it the right way. If you believe that you are not conditioned a FAILURE then this will work.

Remember, I will be there to answers if your questions (that is if things have gotten out of hand, but you always have the community to rob shoulders on/with.

Below is my $130+ commission withdrawal.

72 Hour Income Generator Program MY Withdrawal

From my above 3 sells result, if you can use the same strategy and sell, let’s say 3 products on the Expertnaire platform, your result can be likened as the following:

Product per Commission: ₦6,000 | ₦17,000 | ₦60,000

Promotional Fee – ₦3,500

Net Profit

3 sells X Commission of ₦6,000 = ₦18,000  

3 sells X Commission of ₦17,000 = ₦51,000

3 sells X Commission of ₦60,000 = ₦180,000

Gross Profit

₦18,000 – ₦3,500 Promotional Fee = ₦14,500

₦51,000 – ₦3,500 Promotional Fee = ₦48,500

₦180,000 – ₦3,500 Promotional Fee = ₦176,500

The above is not typical, as you can get less or MORE than my estimations. Be it as it may, you can see that I promoted 3 products and got $130+ dollars. If I can, you too can. No special talent is required. But you must take action and learn the HOW TO.

The Confidence/Benefits of Using the 72 Hour Income Generator Program

I have already made a detailed 72 Hour Income Generator Program review so you can see why this can make all the positive difference. I Want to round it up because this article is already 3,000 words long), so, let’s head up.

#1. Admins and The CEO of Expertnaire Interacts with Members

There are scarcely any financial programs that there are standby admins to sort out things. This one goes furthermore.

When you Sign up for the 72 Hour Income Generator Program, you are free to direct your questions to the CEO of the Expertnaire affiliate network, and I am sure he will address it if the admins can’t.

72 Hour Income Generator Program admin
Toyin is live here.

What I’m trying to say is that you can get the confidence that the CEO of this income program is right here on the same platform, so, all or 80% of doubts are already cleared off.

#2. Brain Storming Among Members & Cliques 

As the popular saying goes, “no man is an island”. That is true because after you join the 72 Hour Income Generator Program, you will be given a link to join others (waiting to welcome you) to the platform and also learn from them.

72 Hour Income Generator affiliate Program

My Advice:

This is what I did so it will help you. When you join the groups, do well to scroll the group chat till the beginning of January or April so you can grab some insights you would have missed before now. If you continue with others, as in when you join as a fresher, you would have missed a piece of vital information or strategy that can make about 4-10% positive difference on top of what you already know.

That was what I did so I would encourage you to do the same. Take out 30-mins to 1 hour and you will be fine, trust me.

#3. 1 Year Access to the Platform

Because the parent company, Expertnaire Affiliate network is where the 72 Hour Income Generator Program lies, as a MEMBER, you will be required to pay the sum of ₦10,000 as a yearly fee.

But if you are joining via the 72 Hour Income Generator Program, you are given 1 more FREE Membership clearance. Meaning, you won’t renew your stay still 2021 (depending on the month you will join).

#4. Weekly Tutorials for Everyone

Unlike other programs you will complain of not making money out of it, with the 72 Hour Income Generator Program, you are encouraged to make your complaints as there are a weekly 2 hours of Tutorials via Zoom Video/meeting app so you can pour out your difficulties and struggles.

The first day I joined I learned what intrigued me on WordPress.org. That is the power of humbling to learn. Well, the actual day for the online class is always Tuesdays by 7 pm or 7:30 pm.

To join the class, all you are required to do is download the Zoom app, click the link provided, and join the class.

#5. Cash Prices & Awards

This is not supposed to make you money but a motivator. If you work hard, you will be rewarded with a cash price.

Something that is rarely seen in reputable programs except very qualified ones. Below is one of the awardees with his cash prize.

72 Hour Income Generator Program award

On top of that, you will get an exclusive 3-hour meeting with the CEO in his Lagos office (your advantage if you live in Lagos).

As I said, this is to motivate you in that if you had used ₦2,000 for promotion and made back ₦50,000, you are encouraged to use ₦10,000 and make ₦250,000 more, and fight for the Cash Prize Award. Sounds fair enough right?

#6. FREE Shared Tools

Because we are there to make money and help one another, essential tools are shared so we can scale our successes.  

#7. Day Payment Plan

Have you ever wondered that top players like Leo Messi and C. Ronaldo are paid weekly – every 7 days a week?

If no, then, you can join their ranks and get the 7-day payment system on Expertnaire Affiliate Program via the 72 hour income program.

What this means is that if you make ₦40,000 this week, on Friday of this same week you get your money deposited into your Nigerian Bank Account.

Lest I forget.

Talking about weekly payment, please make sure to enter your BANK ACCOUNT Details under your profile account so your PAYMENT can be listed on time.

#8. Scale Your Lesson on Other Affiliate Programs

Pay attention here because this is EXTREMELY important.

Like I showed you above, from the insights you get from the 72 Hour Income Program you can apply suit and make money in other programs. Clickbank.com is there, Jumia or Konga affiliate program is there, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and the likes.

So, your knowledge from the program is not limited, only YOUR APPLICATION is.  

#9. Complete Step By Step Modules Video Tutorials

This is the biggest one I guess. The 72 hour income program is packed with a complete step by step video tutorials showing you exactly what/how others have benefited from the Video modules.

The amazing thing is that the Videos are updated for new insights as they come by experience. So, zero eBook stuffs.

#10. How To Run Facebook Ads And Sell A Product

Apart from the other traffic sources, you will be taught how to use Facebook and drive targeted traffic and make money.

By targeted traffic I mean, if you are promoting a weight loss program, you will be shown how to target only those that want to lose weight and not those seeking to travel to Canada.

Also, you will get the blueprint that will convince a person that sees your product promotion to buy through your referral link.

Final Thoughts on 72 Hour Income Generator Program

As I don’t want to stop discussing why you need this, the truth is that this article is at 5,000+ words and I am not sure you still want to read more.

But, the good news is that there is NOTHING MORE you need to know except the ones you might need to ask me.

Gat you covered.

So, The ONLY Catch Is This…

Immerse yourself in the Video Lesson…

Take notes…

And then build YOUR OWN 5-10-day plan from what you learned…

Yes, that is my “little” motivation… to make sure you actually watch, learn and implement from the gift that these 15 people are giving you.

So that is it…

Nothing to worry about…

  • Just a Commitment that YOU need to make,
  • A commitment to Register,
  • A commitment to Apply,
  • A Hand of Help with others or me on WhatsApp (see link above)
  • And a commitment to implement that which is being taught.

You know how the old saying goes… “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make or FORCE it to drink”.

Well, here is the water, now it’s your JOB to take a drink. But if you really want a financial turnaround, this is a complete system you need.

Is it Ok if the Program over Delivers?

When you register on 72 Hour Income Generator Program, you will get access to :

 💡 the complete step by step modules video tutorials for complete success

 💡 Opened to admin conversation

💡 Free tools

 💡 2 years membership and et al, and when you do.

Go any questions?

Let me know below. #72 Hour Income Generator Program

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