Toyin Omotoso Affiliate Marketing, How He Made N2.4M in 3 Days

Toyin Omotoso Affiliate Marketing

Toyin Omotoso of Expertnaire is no doubt a multi-millionaire. Wait!

Did I just say a multi-millionaire, maybe I am wrong because I heard an affiliate say he is a Billionaire which I can’t doubt it based on the income he gets every day from his Expertnaire courses, especially the most popular one which we will soon see.  

Apart from being an affiliate marketer and entrepreneur, he is a direct response expert who has other strides in the crypto and real-estate marketing business.

If you want a detailed guide of his Biography check out the Expertnaire founder and how he made his first N1mil. Nevertheless, if you are keen to learn more about how he made N2.4 million in 3 days then stay with me as we paddle together.

In this article, I will tell you what Affiliate marketing means to an average Nigerian, making money on Expertnaire with affiliate marketing, how to be an affiliate marketing, Popular Toyin Omotoso Expertnaire courses, and his classic internet marketing strategies so you can copy and replicate.


What is affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

Affiliate marketing is a credible online business that’s not noisy but yet very popular all around the world. 

It’s a business model that gives young people the opportunity to make 6-7 figures weekly with the right information. 

By definition Affiliate marketing is an action-based online business where you promote products and services to the right audiences for a commission. Let me break it down for you.

The breakdown.

Affiliate marketing is an action-based online business? It means you only get paid or make money when you take action by recommending products to target audiences.

Products and services? As an Affiliate, you can promote both products and services to those in need of them.

An example of a service is recommending a web hosting service to someone who wants to build a website or blog.

Affiliate products can both be physical and digital.

A few examples of a physical product include a bicycle as I recently bought, Car, Cloth, and all the tangible things you can see and touch.

For digital products, this includes digital downloads, PDFs, videos, slides, podcast, and other digital formats.

For Toyin of Expertnaire, all his popular courses are digital products which you will soon discover all of them.

Recommending products to target audiences? To make affiliate sales, you must promote the right product to the right people. Here is what I mean.

Now if you pick an affiliate product on Car Importation and go to a Facebook group about weight loss, let’s be sincere, will you make a sale? I guess no.

In fact, you might even be banned because that is considered as spamming the group with the irrelevant subject matter.

So, affiliate marketing is simple when you show a “make money online product” to someone that wants to make money online, an Ecommerce course to someone interested in mini-importation, and the likes.


Why is Affiliate Marketing Unique?

There are so many reasons but I like these 2.

  1. You don’t need to create a product.
  2. You can make passive income with the right strategies.

So, if you haven’t set up an affiliate marketing business then you have the opportunity in front of you today to set one, even if you want to start with your mobile phone. 


How to be an Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria?

There are many ways you can become an affiliate marketer. #1. You can apply to affiliate programs individually. #2. You can join an affiliate network like Clickbank, Jvzoo, and more. #3. Affiliate companies can contact you to promote their affiliate product(s).

As a beginner, you are likely to be in pot #1 and #2. But since we are talking about Toyin Omotoso and Expertnaire, you will likely join the Expertnaire affiliate website to promote digital products and get paid.

Here are the steps.

#1. Join an affiliate company.

#2. Select a product to promote.

#3. Copy your affiliate links.

#4. Go to the right audiences – those in need of it.

If you have a friend who wants to make money online then get a product on “making money online” and share it with him or her.

#5. Show your income proof or the results of the said product.

#6. Scale the process by targeting more people.

To understand the more, very soon we will see what an affiliate marketing example looks like as we will be focusing on Toyin and how he did N2,430,000 in commissions for a campaign that ran for 3 days on Facebook.

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How to get started with Affiliate Online Business

The recommended start-up process is by joining an affiliate network since at times applying individually to join affiliate programs can get you rejected as a beginner.  

With an affiliate network, you have options to promote products of your choice and in different categories. 

For us in Nigeria, the most popular and affiliate marketing network we’ll work with is called Expertnaire Nigeria. 


Why get started with Expertnaire Nigeria?

  • The competition to selling digital products is low- Nigerian based.  
  • You don’t have payment or withdrawal issues as compared to other foreign affiliate networks.
  • You don’t need to worry about being banned because of your IP address/country of origin.
  • You get real-time support from personnel and other affiliate members. 
  • High Commission products for beginners to get started with their mobile phone. 


By the way, Expertnaire is an actioned-based affiliate website or network where members called affiliates sign up to promote or recommend digital products to those in need of them. 

To understand it better, as far as children grow into adults, a lot of them will need information on how to woe a woman, look more attractive, start a freelance business, a cloth pattern business, make money as an influencer, and lots more. Meaning, buying, and selling will never cease to continue because of growth and development in life. 

Therefore, as an affiliate, if you recommend the products that solve these problems as available on the Expertnaire affiliate network then you will get paid, continually.


Understanding Affiliate Commissions on Expertnaire 

Affiliates get paid from 30% commission per product to as high as 80%. 

For instance, let’s say you promote a freelance digital product that sells for N30,000 and which pays a commission of 50%. 

The result here is that you will get N15,000 each time you recommend this product to your friends and those who are curious/interested in starting a freelancing business. 


5 Steps to Making Sales with Toyin Omotoso Affiliate Marketing of Expertnaire

Sales on Expertnaire with Toyin Omotoso

From what I have seen following his 72ig program, there are 5 methods Toyin uses in affiliate marketing to make 7-8 figures consistently. He calls these concepts “objections”. That is the objections that stop people from buying what you promote.

Here are the 5 of them.


Step 1. Know the product

If you’ve been following me on this blog site, one of the things I try to do is to review the products and services I have used myself. Why?

Because you can’t stand from a distance and convince someone about a product you’ve not used.

The effect of blindly promoting what you do not have enough info about is that, if at the end of the day the buyer finds out that the product you overhyped was undervalued then you’ve lost that person/reader for life.

So, the first thing I do is to use or test a product and service first. For instance, in the course of this article, I will recommend you join Expertnaire via the 72ig program. Why?

I’m confident of recommending it because I have used and seen its overvalued benefits, that’s what even prompted me to do an unboxing sometimes ago.

All in all, before you promote any product, you have to know more than the buyer. If you can’t test it, you can get more info from the product sales page, directly from the vendor, and other sources you can lay your hands on.


Step 2. How does it work?

The next step is knowing how a program works.

Following up from number #1, the thing is when you know the in-and-out of a product you will be able to explain how it works to the person you are recommending it to.  

Just as I explained how the 72ig program works (I will explain again), for you, when you know this particular point of objection about the services you are promoting, you will be able to convince your target audiences the right way to finally open their pockets to buy from you.


Step 3. How am I sure this will work & the way out?

The next strategy he recommends is how convinced you are about the product you are promoting. Let’s look at it this way.

If the product you are promoting has worked for you (positive results) then you can rightly tell your target audiences how well it will work for them as well, because when they see that, “oh”, it has worked for you, with your support for them they will be convinced to buy from you.

This is the same formula I use.

So, by all means, you’ve got to make it work for you, and if you are a total beginner then you can borrow the income proofs and results as explained below.


Step 4. Who has it worked for?

Just as everyone else started with zero results, it is understood that (as a beginner) you haven’t had a result yet, and so, the way out is to look out for those in which what you are recommending to your audiences have worked for.

And when you find them you present the same to your target audiences. For instance, when I started promoting the 72ig program in 2019, I would always wonder where I would get income proofs about the program.

With proper research, I was able to get a handful and used it till I started making my own sales.  

Today, people also use my income proofs as a reference point on the “who it has worked for” objection.

So you see, no one started making N500,000 a day/week. We all started with zero sales till N10,000, N100,000, N500,000, and then in millions. Such is life.

Therefore, don’t’ be afraid to start little (see Toyin’s LBCM book below) and you will get there if you are not willing to be lazy and relaxed.

The good news is that I have series of income proofs from the 72ig program I can give to you when promoting the same to your audiences till you make your own sales.


Step 5. What do I need to implement it?

Having addressed the other 4 objections, you now need to tell your audience what they need (requirements) to successfully promote the products and make money.

For instance, with the 72ig program, anyone with a mobile phone or laptop can promote it and make money.

Who has done it?

I have done it.

Aside from me, others have. To pinpoint someone else, Kenny crossed N1mil with his infinix phone.

incom proof on Expertnaire a


Again, with the 72ig program, you can make over N100,000 without running or spending money on Facebook ads.

Who has done it?

Again, I have done it – closed sales with my phone.

Aside from me, others have. To pinpoint someone else, Sola crossed N1.2mil without a single ad.

toyin omotoso pdf

The good news is that you WILL get this exact blueprint for FREE on how to use your mobile phone and without spending a dime on ads to also make this money.

To get it, log in to your 72ig affiliate account and click to download.

72ig affiliate marketing dashboard


P.S – this is only available to the 72ig members.

Again, ignore the 2-5 sales depiction, why? You want to use it as Sola and make more than N1Mil from N400K he had in sales as documented.  


I hope you now see how to solve the 5 objections of selling. With this, I am sure you can start promoting products both online and offline successfully. You’ve just learned the core affiliate online business model – for free.


🙄 Observation: if you’ve already seen the 72ig program video from somewhere else before now, KINDLY clear your browser data FIRST before using our affiliate link to watch and register so your registration can be confirmed properly (to avoid wrong mappings). Thank you very much & see below.

On Mozilla Firefox browser: go to “Settings” > go to “Privacy & Security” > go to “Cookies and Site Data” > click on “Clear Data” > click on clear “Cached Web Content”.

On Chrome browser: go to “Settings” > go to “Privacy & Security” > click on “Clear browsing Data” > clear “browsing History”.


Want to learn more about how Toyin did all these? Sure enough, he is willing to cut the soap for you. Click here to get started with the 72ig program.


How Toyin Omotoso of Expertnaire made N2,430,000 in 3 days

Toyin used the strategies he teaches in the 72ig program, picked a product on Expertnaire, an Ecommerce product called “Ecom”, and ran a campaign that lasted for 3 days on Facebook, and the rest is history. Let’s see his Facebook campaign tactic.

(Headline) The high ROI business most Nigerians don’t know about.


(Opening statement)

Sometimes back in 2016, I made an astounding discovery about a profitable business that many Nigerians are not fully aware of.


(Opening statement continues into a story)

The discovery came as I was browsing on Linda Ikeji’s blog.

I noticed that a particular woman was running a N50,000/day advert continually on the blog.

In fact, in that month, I noticed that she ran the advert 15 times because I counted it.

If you do the maths, that is N50,000 x 15 = N750,000

​For someone to spend N750,000 a month on adverts, that tells you that the business is working and making a lot of money.

She would never repeat that ad if it wasn’t bringing in money. 

So for her to be repeating the advert means she is making a lot of money.

What the woman was selling is waist trimmers.

But don’t be deceived.

The “waist trimmer” is not the business.

Let me explain.

She was importing those waist trimmers for $2 (N700) each and selling each for N15,000

After removing shipping cost and other expenses, she will probably be left with N10,000 profit per sale

If she sold only 20 copies each time she ran those ads on Linda Ikeji’s blog, that means she was pocketing N200,000 pure profits each day!


Crazy. Right?


I call this business model – smart ecommerce and it can be highly profitable.


(Establishing frame of authority and “I also used to be a newbie like you at this)

I wanted to know more.

So, I learnt a lot about the business model

The first product I imported to test out the model was a beauty product.

I imported 90 pieces and it cost me N45,000 (shipping included)

With shipping, each product comes to about N500 a piece.

I ran an advert on Instagram and sold all the products within 2 weeks at a cost of N5000 each.

After removing all costs (product purchase, shipping, courier, instagram ads, packaging), I was left with N305,000 pure profits which is not bad for a 2 weeks project that started with N45,000 capital.

Think about that.

How many businesses can you start with N45,000 and make N305,000 pure profits within 2 weeks?

But unfortunately, only a few people are aware of this business.


(Main Content Starts)

This business model works based on 3 things:

(1) Searching for physical products that solve problems for people or helps them get closer to their desires mostly from China.

(2) Buying the products at the lowest cost possible and importing them to Nigeria

(3) Selling the products using a genius marketing method to for a good return

The last product I imported cost me N150,000 overall (including shipping costs) and I made N1.6m within 30 days of selling it.

As you can see, this business is not for broke people.

You should have a minimum of N50,000 to get started.

But the good thing is that you can turn your capital into a lot of profits within a few weeks if you use the proven system I use.


(Conclusion and call to action starts)

Talking about a proven system, permit me to invite you to the same guy who taught me the proven system I use to profit from smart ecommerce (or mini importation).

His name is Patrick Ogidi and on Sunday July 29th, he will be holding an online class by 9pm where he will be showing you how you can start importing products for lower prices from places like Hong Kong, China etc and selling them for crazy profits.

The guy is a busy man.

I have been on his neck to do this training for more than 3 months now.

That means if you miss out on this online class, he most likely won’t do it again anytime soon.

So, if you will like to attend, click the green button below to register for the online class.

​I will be attending this online class too because I need to learn some new tactics.

Don’t miss out

Meet you in the class.



That was the text/sales pitch he used on Facebook and made a commission of N2 million in 3 days.

So, from the Facebook ad, he grabbed his audience’s email addresses, and from there, sending them automated emails he had set up to run for 3 days.

To get this whole concept then check out the 72ig course here.


When you get started with the 72ig program you will learn more advanced techniques such as:

Framing & Positioning Methods:

  • Positioning Method 1: Say You Are an Authority
  • Positioning Method 2: Create the Perception That You Are An Authority on The Topic
  • Positioning Method 3: Leverage on the Authority of a Third Party
  • Positioning Method 4: Let Them See You Are Someone They Can Relate With
  • Positioning Method 5: Appear As an Independent Reviewer or Researcher (Or a Blogger)

He has explained all this in the Day 3 Additional Resources.

Popular Toyin Omotoso Expertnaire CoursesGuides

Let’s look at all his guides before we close. 


Popular Toyin Omotoso Expertnaire Courses/Guides

Let’s start from popular to the most popular guides

#3. Toyin Omotoso’s Sales & Marketing Package

This Expertnaire guide by Toyin gives you an open chance to steal all the best sales & marketing materials he has acquired over 10 years. You know it is huge.

Included are copywriting resources, Advert Swipes and Angles for Facebook, Instagram marketing, Business Books that has reprogramed him as a student of success, email subject lines he has used to make 8 figures, and full-page web design templates amongst others. 

With Toyin Omotoso’s Sales & Marketing Package priced at N18,000, I think it is just fair to say, okay, cut the long walk and grab the marketing tools that have worked for him over the years. 

Click here to check out the Sales & Marketing Package by Toyin.


#2. How to Turn Yourself to a Live Breathing Cash Machine

The next popular guide by Toyin is the LBCM.

How to Turn yourself to a Live Breathing Cash Machine by Toyin Omotoso shows you the path to reprograming Your Mind to Attract More Money & Prosperity Into Your Life.

Having gone through the overview of the book, I think every beginner should read this before starting an online business because success starts with the mind.

The good news?

The book is not costly. Just N5,000 and you have all the bonuses attached – worth N40,000.

I so much like the part where if you take away all the money, resources, network, and everything an LBCM has today, just give him anything from 1-3 months and he will be back with more cash.

Going on, you will practically learn How to overcome the deadly combination of fear, laziness, and procrastination (these are 3 forces that keep pulling most people into the dark abyss of poverty and frustration), and more.

Click here to check out LBCM by Toyin.


#3. Toyin Omotoso’s 72ig program

I have talked about the 72ig program so much that I think you had already signed up if you are yet to.

In summary, while this is his most popular course, if your questions or that of your friends fall around/within any of these:  What is affiliate marketing example**, I want to make money online in Nigeria**, how to be an affiliate marketing**, Expertnaire affiliate online business**, or making sales on Expertnaire, then the 72ig program has done justice to them.  

Do not get surprised if I say that currently in Nigeria, the most popular program to start an online business is the 72ig program. 

To cut the slack and check it out, I recommend you go through the FREE webinar Toyin has put together.

Click here to check out 72ig by Toyin.


We are almost done.

Read alsoMore Case Studies.



How can I join Expertnaire and make money?

Whether you only have a mobile phone or laptop, you can make money with Expertnaire, only if you have the right information. The place of getting the right information is based on how you join the affiliate site. 

Normally, there are 2 ways to join Expertnaire and make money. 

#1. As an ordinary member with N10,000 registration per year. 

Joining via this route is highly not recommended because you’re paying for the membership fee only. Meaning, it’s assumed that you’re savvy and you need ZERO help.

As a beginner, this is an easy way to the graveyard of failure because it becomes a problem when you can’t figure out everything on your own. More reason people may say that Expertnaire is a scam.

Going on, if you join Expertnaire as an ordinary member you lack some privileges such as a high commission for certain programs, community support, and the deep strategies to make money with Expertnaire. 

See the best route to join below.


#2. Via the 72ig income program

This is the best and recommended way to join Expertnaire to avoid the many frustrations encountered by many affiliates. 

While the cost to join Expertnaire via the 72ig program is N45,000 (as of the time of writing), let’s see why I recommend you join via 72ig and the many benefits others have gotten already. 


Which products can I promote on Expertnaire after joining via 72ig?

When you log into your 72ig dashboard, you will see products that have already made Toyin 7 and 8 figures, which you have the liberty to copy his sales tactics as I have already discussed, edit, and promote as well.

Nevertheless, the 3 hot selling niches on Expertnaire remain Wealth, Relocation, and Health. 


What’s the best time to start making money on Expertnaire?

The best time to start was yesterday, but the best time now is today.

Of course, not everyone grabs a concept with the speed of light. As in, fast learners. That’s understood, however, the point is taking action. How do I mean?

Since affiliate marketing is an action-based business, it means, if you get started today and select a product to promote as you will be shown how to then you get paid soon. The same applies if you get started in the next 2 months.  


What’s the best traffic sources to promote Expertnaire products?

To be sincere, there’s no 💯 right traffic source. The only right source is the one you understand better and wants to work with. 

For instance, I could use Facebook if I have over 1,000 friends that like and comment on my posts. And if I don’t have a lot of friends, start building a new profile as I did or the best?

Simply go with Facebook ads which gives you unlimited reach – as shown in the course. 

In the same vein, WhatsApp is an option with the proper method – included in your 72ig package. 

All in all, I recommend you master one traffic source and be good with it as you will be shown. 


What happens if I already registered as an Expertnaire affiliate with N10,000?

It’s not late. Register again via the 72ig program and get all the benefits that come with it. 


Can I sell Expertnaire products to non-Nigerians?

Well, while Expertnaire offers your prospects the option to purchase a course with dollars, it’s most recommended to promote it by targeting the Nigerian audiences with a lesser competition for you – an advantage. 


Final note.

There are no doubts about it. Toyin is successful and has built a long-term online business empire for himself. I mean, a total passive come stream which 90% is fueled by his most popular Expertnaire course – the 72ig.    

Of course, Toyin Omotoso created the 72ig program to be different from other affiliate marketing courses.

I mean, unlike other programs that under-teach and overcharge, the 72ig creates a permanent business model made for normal people who are willing to cut the slack of laziness and become millionaires (even with their mobile phone only). 


Here’s a summary of Toyin’s 72ig course.

The Toyin Omotoso Expertnaire’s course called the 72ig program is your secret weapon to finally building a solid online business, become more tactical in promoting digital products, and become a potential millionaire on arrival.

With a simple and well-structured lesson format based on positive psychology to selling any digital products of your choice, you’ll start and end each day with gratitude that you enrolled in this same program 95% of Expertnaire members have. 

The side effects as a 72ig student may include increased happiness when you get alerts of commissions, a better relationship with Toyin and other affiliate members, and finally beating your chest of that financial freedom when you become an Expertnaire millionaire. You’ve been warned.

Want to get started? Sure.

Click here to see how to create a credible online business with Toyin 72ig program, even if you don’t have a laptop (avoid distraction now and see the free webinar). 


Need to talk to me or support? Get an instant click through here.


Have a great day.

Ref: 7 and 8 figures. More on Expertnaire – Expertnaire Affiliate Program | How to Use Expertnaire


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