How to Send Money and Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to Bank Account + PDF

How do I withdraw money from PayPal to Nigeria bank account
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How to withdraw PayPal Funds to a Nigerian Bank Account is one of the hottest nightmares for digital marketers and online entrepreneurs, and I get it because I was there.

While a lot of Nigerians have resorted to buying PayPal account of various types, such as, USA PayPal account, Canada, UK, Germany, and etc., my advice is, keep everything legitimate so you can always prove account worthiness.

And in case you do not know why PayPal is so popular. Truth is, since 1980 PayPal debuted, it has been a go to low-volume payment processor for thousands of merchants online.

According to Marketland, PayPal operates in more than 200 countries and in 26 currencies and allows various users to integrate PayPal checkout on their websites, blogs, and even extend credit to customers.

And as a Nigerian, if for instance, you are a freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr, you will agree with me that you have PayPal as one of the alternative payment processors.


The Nigerian Struggle with PayPal as a 100% payment processor

If you’ve been into online business for a long time you would have seen the petition Nigerians signed on demanding PayPal to allow us to receive and send funds –

Before it was closed, the petition had since received over 1,500 supports.

can you withdraw money from paypal in nigeria

Personally, I could remember when I sold and withdrew my PayPal funds at N320 per dollar I received for a friend from abroad via a local exchanger.

To me, I was happy because I could get the funds in Naira to my bank account.

But in 2020, the story had since changed, and now, I don’t just withdraw PayPal funds on my own, I do it in less than 10 minutes, and most interestingly, I withdraw to my Naira bank account at N450+ per dollar which is pretty much cool.

With this, I know I can actually start PayPal exchanging business in Nigeria. But I can’t at the moment because I don’t have the time to do that now.

The best news is that today you too will learn how to withdraw your PayPal funds to your Nigerian bank account.


Before I show you a video of how I withdrew PayPal funds to my Nigerian bank account at more than N450+/$ in less than 6 minutes, let me show you the steps to withdraw money from PayPal in Nigeria.

Let’s get started.


P.S : You can jump to the last section if you want to see how I do it.


How to Withdraw and Send Money from PayPal to Nigeria Bank Account

Withdrawing PayPal funds to a Nigerian bank account is a simple and straightforward process.

The first way to withdraw PayPal funds is to use a local exchanger or via bank card. Let’s do it on our own without any third party.


1. Use a Verified PayPal account

The very first step to withdraw your funds is to make sure you use a verified PayPal account.

But before that, make sure that you didn’t use invalid information to open your PayPal account.

That is to say, you are in Nigeria but you used Dubai or kafanchan document details. More on this later and why I closed my first PayPal account.

To verify your PayPal account, first, go to the email address you used during the PayPal account opening and click the link sent.

Here is how it looks like.

how to withdraw from paypal in nigeria

Before we go on, here is how to open the account.

2. Add and Link your credit card to your Account

Upon verifying your PayPal account, the next step of action is to link a bank card from which you will be able to withdraw the funds.

For the bank card to use, there are lots of them but I think the best is from UBA & First bank.

I don’t know about Zenith but I tried GTB some time ago and it didn’t work.

Now when you add your bank card details to the account, you will get a 4 digit code to input and verify the card linkage.

To do this, click on “Payment”.

From there, go to “Link a new card”.

Withdraw paypal in nigeria

When done you will have been 70% ready to withdraw your PayPal funds to your Nigerian Bank account.

Before we go on, here is how to link card to account.

3. Withdraw the Funds from PayPal with a $5 charge

Receive PayPal funds. For some of us that do not know, we use an email address as the account number to receive PayPal funds from other accounts.

To do that just copy your email address linked to the PayPal account and give it to the sender to send the funds.


Going on, having been convinced that we’ve received PayPal funds and it’s available in your account, I recommend you to leave the funds for about 24 hours “if it is a new PayPal account”.

The reason is, as a new PayPal account user, you need to build a good reputation with your PayPal account first.

Finally, to withdraw the funds, look at your top right corner and click on “Transfer”.

Go ahead and select the card you want to send the funds to (if you linked more than 2 bank cards).

Enter the details of the linked bank account and finally click on withdraw and confirm the transaction, and $5 will be charged. 

When done, you will get a notification of a successful transaction.


Kindly note that the $5 is constant. Meaning, whether you withdraw $600 or $1,000 you will still be charged $5 in fees.

Here is how it looks like.  

how to withdraw money from paypal in nigeria

Let’s continue.


4. Receive it in your Bank account

Finally, receive the funds from your bank account.

Basically, you will get a PayPal account notification that you’ve sent money to your local bank account.

paypal withdrawal in nigeria

For the First bank withdrawal, you might receive the funds in your account after 1-5 or more business days based on the transacting process.

And for UBA, it is faster and usually, it is instant.

Here is the final withdrawal process.

how to withdraw money from paypal account in nigeria

(Before now the exchange rate for withdrawal was at N440/$, but now it’s at N460+/$)


Those are the basic steps you need to withdraw PayPal funds to your local bank account here in Nigeria doing it yourself.

The other way round is selling to local exchangers.

But there is a better way to withdraw PayPal funds to a Nigerian bank account at more than N450 per dollar, instantly.

While I have given out lots of free materials which at the end of the day majority of us do not take action. So, these simple 4 steps I take to withdraw my funds at 450+ will cost you a little money, not much.

Here is the overview of the steps.

how to withdraw paypal funds in nigeria

But before we talk more about it, for your pleasure, I created a short 4 minutes video that shows you a walk-through on how I withdrew about $99 and received in 5 minutes to my Nigerian bank account.

Click below to see how to do it.


Withdraw PayPal in Nigeria video

Here’s the video that shows you how to withdraw and Send Money from PayPal to Nigeria Bank Account in 5 minutes, however, for instant withdrawal in Naira to bank account using your mobile phone, check it out below.

Getting started with withdrawing money from PayPal in Nigeria using – PayPal Reselling Blueprint.

With this PayPal Reselling Blueprint, be it as a blogger, digital marketer/entrepreneur, freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork, or one who receives PayPal funds abroad from relatives or doing core online business such as Dropshipping, and E-commerce, you will be able to receive and withdraw your funds without any third parties, and the best news, withdrawal at N450+.

The discount Price for the PayPal Reselling Blueprint is just N5,000


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Things to Know Before Receiving Funds to Your PayPal Account – From Experience

You need to take note of this vital information because when I discovered this, I quickly went on to close my PayPal account and opened a new one.

NEVER EVER use the wrong information to open your PayPal account. You know why?

If you use wrong information to open the account, a time will come when you will have to verify it because as you receive lots of funds above the threshold your account can carry, you will need to tell PayPal that the transactions are legit.

On the other way round, if you had used the wrong information to open it, you will need to use the same information to verify it, else, your account will be locked up by PayPal, and what next?

PayPal will give you more days to verify the information, and if as a result, you can’t still verify it, you will be allowed to login and withdraw the funds, then your account will get closed permanently.

So, to open a valid PayPal account, use only valid information. That is your real name, email address, and home address.

When I discovered that I was about to reach the threshold, I closed it for good.

How to send paypal funds in nigeria

(This was in February 2021)


How to Avoid 21 or 180 days PayPal Funds Holding

Now, if you experience a 21-day hold on your funds, it is because you received a high figure amount of money in your PayPal account too early.

That is to say, if you opened your PayPal account today and next tomorrow you receive $300-$400+, your funds will be on hold for 21 days.

Here is a sample of the funds when it was on hold for 21 days when I first opened the PayPal account and received about $400 sent to a friend of mine from Abroad in early 2020.

How to Send Money and Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to Bank Account + PDF

However, as you have seen above, the new PayPal account I opened a few days ago after deleting my main account just received $350+ and it was available on the main balance and not on hold.

How to Withdraw Money from Your PayPal Account in Nigeria Fast

Here are a few things you can do to clear your Funds from “on Hold”

Receive a small amount of PayPal funds first to warm up the account so it can earn PayPal trust.

I will tell you more in the Blueprint.



Question: Can I withdraw money from PayPal in Nigeria?

Answer – yes, you can. I just showed how I went about it in the video and screenshots.


Question: Can I receive PayPal money in Nigeria?

Answer – yes, you can. Nigerians can now legitimately send and receive funds without having to use invalid information.


 Question: Do I have to use a VPN before I open the PayPal money in Nigeria?

Answer – no. All you need to open a verified account is a mobile phone and internet connection.


Question: Do I need to use a PayPal Business account for a transaction?

Answer: Yes/No. For the yes. A Business account can be opened in any country and operated from anywhere because it is assumed that you are using it for your businesses around the world.

And for the “No”, the advantage of a personal account above a business is that there are a few verification processes needed as compared to a business account.  


All in all, that’s how to withdraw PayPal funds to any of your Nigeria bank account – which is the same process I use to exchange my PayPal funds at more than N450/dollar.


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Note: all the supports you need is in the Blueprint.


Over to you.

Let me know what you think and your questions in the comment section.

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