How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to Bank Account @High Rate

How do I withdraw money from PayPal to Nigeria bank account updated

How to withdraw PayPal Funds to a Nigerian Bank Account is one of the hottest nightmares for digital marketers and online entrepreneurs, and I get it because I was there.

While a lot of Nigerians have resorted to buying PayPal accounts of various types, such as USA PayPal accounts, Canada, UK, Germany, etc., my advice is, to keep everything legitimate so you can always prove account worthiness.

That is to say, have verification documents at hand, else, do not keep above $100 in your PayPal account.

And in case you do not know why PayPal is so popular. Truth is, since 1980 PayPal debuted, it has been a go-to low-volume payment processor for thousands of merchants online.

According to Marketland, PayPal operates in more than 200 countries and in 26 currencies and allows various users to integrate PayPal checkout on their websites, band logs, and even extend credit to customers.

PayPal popularity

And as a Nigerian, if for instance, you are a freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr, you will agree with me that you have PayPal as one of the alternative payment processors.


The Nigerian Struggle with PayPal as a 100% payment processor

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4 How to Withdraw from PayPal Using the Dollar Prepaid Card to Naira

If you’ve been into online business for a long time you would have seen the petition Nigerians signed on demanding PayPal to allow us to receive and send funds –

Before it was closed, the petition had since received over 1,500 supports.

can you withdraw money from paypal in nigeria

Personally, I could remember when I sold and withdrew my PayPal funds at N320 per dollar I received for a friend from abroad via a local exchanger.

For me, I was happy because I could get the funds in Naira to my bank account.

But in 2020, the story had since changed, and now, I don’t just withdraw PayPal funds on my own, I do it in less than 10 minutes, and most interestingly, you can get your funds at the best Naira to Dollar rate. Amazing, right? Yeah.

The best news is that today, you too will NOT ONLY learn how to withdraw your PayPal funds to your Nigerian bank account, but various withdrawal methods available to you  and tips to safeguard your account.

Without further ado, let me now show you the steps to withdraw money from PayPal in Nigeria.

P.S : You can jump to the last section if you want to see how I do it.

How to Withdraw and Send Money from PayPal to Nigeria Bank Account

Withdrawing PayPal funds to a Nigerian bank account is a simple and straightforward process.

The first way to withdraw PayPal funds is to use a local exchanger or via bank card.

Let’s do it on our own without any third party. This method works Best for those who have Business PayPal accounts.

And when we are done with the first method, we will talk about how you can withdraw from PayPal Balance – that is, if you are using the UK, USA, South Africa, and other PayPal accounts that can send funds as “FNF – Friends & Family”.

Let’s get started with the steps involved.


1. Use a Verified PayPal account

The very first step to withdrawing your funds is to make sure you use a verified PayPal account.

But before that, make sure that you didn’t use invalid information to open your PayPal account.

That is to say, you are in Nigeria but you used UAE or South African document details. More on this later and why I closed my first PayPal account.

To verify your PayPal account, first, go to the email address you used during the PayPal account opening and click the link sent.

Here is what it looks like.

how to withdraw from paypal in nigeria

2. Add and Link your credit card to your Account

Upon verifying your PayPal account, the next step of action is to link a bank card from which you will be able to withdraw the funds.

For the bank card to use, there are lots of them but cards from UBA AND Firstbank trump others. Well, Zenith and GTB are quite popular but I once tried GTB some time ago and it didn’t work.

Below are the 3 cards and the denominations I recommend for our clients based on first-hand usage and experience.


The Best 3 Credit Cards to Link to PayPal for Withdrawal in Nigeria 

For bank cards to use, the best and most recommended are in the following order.

  1. Using UBA AFRI Card – Dollar Prepaid denominated Cardis the first choice & best for PayPal transactions.
  2. Using UBA AFRI CARD – Naira
  3. Using FirstBank Card – Gold Card

The above are my go-to cards to work with PayPal from Nigeria. Let’s talk about them.

Using UBA AFRI Card – Naira Variant on PayPal

Uba nAIRA prepared CARD

First off, all the UBA Afri cards give you instant withdrawal- that’s a significant advantage.

The only disadvantage with the UBA Afri Naira denominated card is that you will get your funds at a VERY LOW EXCHANGE VALUE/RATE using the local bank rate as compared to the dollar-denominated.

Withdrawing from the UBA Naira Prepaid Card to your Bank Account in Naira

To get the withdrawal, all you need to do is link the Naira Card to your PayPal account, transfer the Dollar funds you want withdrawn, and finally get it in your bank account after being processed.

You should get Naira from 24 hours to 72 hours or more.

That is it to get your funds at about ₦430/$ – at the local bank rate.

Luckily, the good news here is that you can get your money from PayPal at a better rate and instant payment. Let’s see below.

Using UBA AFRI Card – Dollar Denominated.

Uba dOLLAR prepared CARD

I recommend using UBA AFRI Dollar Prepaid Cardif you want to get the best exchange rate for your funds. How?

While the UBA AFRI CARD – Naira denominated gives you a low and local bank rate of about ₦400+ currently, with the AFRI Dollar card you can exchange by selling the funds using fnfSwap by IsuaWealthyPlace at over ₦650/$ – for the best value.

Kindly note that the Dollar denominated card may have or no dollar sign on top of it (but it usually does).


Withdrawing from UBA Dollar Prepared Card to your Bank Account in Naira

To get the withdrawal, all you need to do is link the Prepaid Dollar card to your PayPal account and transfer the intended amount to your card and you will get it in USD.

From there, you exchange it using fnfSwap at a high rate and for instant funding. Read down for more on it.

Using FirstBank Visa Card – Gold Card

FirstBank Visa Card – Gold Card for PayPal withdrawal in Nigeria

The FirstBank card that enables withdrawal from PayPal is called Visa Gold Card. So, should you be going for this one, you want to ask for a FirstBank Visa Gold card.

I wouldn’t talk more about the FB Visa Gold card since withdrawals are not swift as compared to UBA cards.

P.S: note that all these cards are VISA…

Visa Card for PayPal withdrawal in Nigeria


UBA Afri Dollar Card vs Naira Prepaid Card vs FirstBank Visa Gold Card

Why I prefer the UBAs is that their withdrawal is instant as compared to the FirstBank Gold card which the withdrawal might reflect from 1-5 or 7 days.

Later on, we will talk about the best withdrawal method to save you all the stress.


What are the Best PayPal Account Countries for UBA Prepaid Card Linking and Withdrawals?

Below are the top PayPal countries you can easily withdraw funds to your Afri card. 

  • Lesotho Business PayPal
  • UAE Business PayPal
  • Senegalese Business PayPal
  • Mozambique Business PayPal
  • Serbian Business PayPal. 
  • Nigerian Business Account PayPal
  • Iceland Business PayPal.

Note – even if you do not have a PayPal account from any of the above countries, I will still tell you how best to move your funds for Naira. So, everything is on me to make sure your funds are withdrawn from PayPal. Let’s go on.


How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to Bank Account @High RateContinuation to linking your prepared card to PayPal…

Now, to add your card, click on “Payment”.

From there, go to “Link a new card”.

Withdraw paypal in nigeria

  • Enter your card details and you will get a 4-digit code to input and verify the card linkage.
  • Click on Continue to move on.


When done, you will have been 70% ready to withdraw your PayPal funds to your Nigerian Bank account.

Before we go on, here is how to link the card to the account.

3. Withdraw the Funds from PayPal with a $5 charge

Receive PayPal funds. For some of us that do not know, we use a PayPal email address as the account number to receive PayPal funds from other accounts.

To do that just copy your email address linked to the PayPal account and give it to the sender to send the funds.

Going on, having been convinced that we’ve received PayPal funds and it’s available in your account, I recommend you to leave the funds for about 24 hours “if it is a new PayPal account”.

The reason is, that as a new PayPal account user, you need to build a good reputation with your PayPal account first.

Finally, to withdraw the funds, look at your top right corner and click on “Transfer”.

uba africard and paypal

Go ahead and select the card you want to send the funds to (if you linked more than 2 bank cards).

PayPal fee when you withdraw to UBA Prepaid Card

Enter the details of the linked bank account and finally click on withdraw and confirm the transaction, and $5 will be charged.

When done, you will get a notification of a successful transaction.

Here is what it looks like.  

how to withdraw money from paypal in nigeria

Kindly note that the $5 is constant. Meaning, whether you withdraw $600 or $1,000 you will still be charged $5 in fees.

Question; want a deeper guide on withdrawal from PayPal? If yes, bookmark the post below.

Detailed Steps on How to Withdraw from PayPal with the UBA Prepaid Dollar Card.

Let’s continue.


4. Receive the Dollar Money in your Bank account

Finally, receive the funds from your bank account.

Basically, you will get a PayPal account notification that you’ve sent money to your local bank account.

paypal withdrawal in nigeria

For the First bank withdrawal, you might receive the funds in your account after 1-5 or more business days based on the transacting process.

And for the UBA Dollar Afri Prepared card, it is instant!

Here is the final withdrawal process.


Those are the basic steps you need to withdraw PayPal funds to your local bank account here in Nigeria and also do it yourself.

The Cons & Money Lost for withdrawing Directly from PayPal to Nigerian Bank using the Local Bank Exchange Rate


Please note that – if you decide to withdraw the money directly to your Nigerian Bank account using the UBA Naira Prepaid Card – after the arrival, the funds will be automatically exchanged for you at the local bank rate of ₦443/$.

And this means you will have to open a New UBA Bank Account – which is completely unnecessary (unless you already have an account – which is not an advantage, still).


Here is the money gains & lost context.

Now, if you withdraw $500 at the bank conversion exchange rate of ₦443/$, that will be ₦443 X $500 = ₦221,500.

Money Lost for withdrawing Directly from PayPal


But if you use the Dollar Denominated Prepaid Card with fnfSwap, you will get this for instance. 

(As of the time of writing – 11th Nov 2022) – Exchanging it at ₦710/$, that will be ₦710 X $500 = ₦355,000.

withdrawing Directly from PayPal to Bank Account using the Local Bank Exchange Rate


In Summary:

Naira Value of $500 (with the local bank rate) = ₦221,500

Naira Value of $500 (using Dollar AFRI Card with fnfSwap) = ₦355,000.


Loses: ₦355,000 – ₦221,500 = ₦133,500

Meaning, using the local direct Naira bank rate, you would have lost = ₦133,500 of your money.

Of course, I know that this is not what you want, cause ₦133,500 will do a whole lot for you in this current economy. 


Cause I got your back, see the best deal for you below.


How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to Bank Account @High Rate

[You can take this hot Coffee for the hot PayPal to Naira update below 😎 ]

How to Withdraw from PayPal Using the Dollar Prepaid Card to Naira

Withdrawing from your PayPal Dollar Prepaid Card to Naira


Method 1 – Withdraw with the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card


Step 1. Move the intended funds amount from your PayPal account to your UBA USD Prepaid Card.

Tiphere is how to do (in case you need help).


Step 2. Go to fnfSwap by IsuaWealthyPlace and get the latest dollar-Naira rates.


Step 3. Move the Dollars funds from your card 💳 to them.

Tiphere is how to do (in case you need help).


Step 4. Get Payment immediately.


There are way more payments you will see if you want. But guess what? 🙄 

With UBA Dollar Card-to-Card transfers with fnfSwap by IsuaWealthyPlace, you get paid instantly, and if you’re not paid within 15 minutes, you get a $1 apology fee.

See vawulence testimonies 

vawalence paypal

The thing is, because we keep our words of 1-15 transaction time, we get lots of vawulence testimonies from fnf like the ones below.

Send Money and Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to Bank Account proof now

Send Money and Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to Bank Account by fnfswap today

Here’s an updated one for 2023

how can i withdraw from paypal in nigeria

See more PayPal to Dollar Prepaid Card in Nigeria Transactions & Payments
How to Send and Withdraw Dollar from PayPal in Nigeria
Urgent $25 processed for a client. ☺

How to Withdraw Dollar from PayPal in Nigeria
$170 processed.

How to Send Dollar Money from PayPal in Nigeria
And another one – $100.

How to Send and Withdraw Dollar from PayPal in Nigeria
And yet, another one – $120.

Let’s see a few Naira Payments.

How to Send Money and Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria
The urgent $25 processed.☺

How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria

Send Money and Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria

How to Send and Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria


There are way more payments and testimonies you will see if you want. But guess what? 🙄 

With UBA Dollar Card-to-Card transfers with fnfSwap by IsuaWealthyPlace, you get paid instantly, and if you’re not paid within 15 minutes, you get a $1 apology fee.

Click here to start Card to Card 💳 Exchange 💱 with fnfSwap.

Current PayPal to Naira Exchange Rate – is the exchange rate dynamic?

Answer – yes, it is. 

PayPal to Naira exchange rate is dynamic, meaning, it can appreciate the more where you get more per $/₦ or depreciate for less.

We will always communicate the latest rate before the transaction with you.

Having seen the first method with the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card, let’s check out more in case you don’t feel like using the method.

But note, the PayPal to UBA USD card withdrawal method is the fastest way to get Naira for your Dollar.


Method 2 – Withdraw from PayPal with Wise (Former TransferWise) Account

Withdrawing from your PayPal to Wise to Naira

Another method to get a good exchange Dollar to Naira rate is to withdraw your funds via Wise.

For some of us who might not know.

Wise (formally known as TransferWise) is a smart payment website or gateway with multi-currency accounts that make international money transfers cheap, fair, and simple for users.

how to open a wise account in nigeria

For Nigerians, Wise is a payment option to receive digital and freelance funds from clients abroad and also move funds from PayPal for free, and lastly, get the best exchange rate value spend for your money in Naira.

The Big Question is,

Does Wise Work in Nigeria?

Yes, works in Nigeria, although only FULLY verified Wise account owners can get international bank accounts in USD, GBP, and EUR to receive funds from clients abroad and also move funds from PayPal.


How does PayPal to Wise and Naira Work?

Just as with the UBA Prepaid Card, you will add your Wise USD-generated account to your PayPal account. And just as you would move funds to your Card, instead, you select Wise and get the funds in your Wise Balance.

When done, you move it to fnfSwap and ger Naira exchange ASAP.

Guide – How To Open a Wise Account in Nigeria, Fund, Verify & Use


Cons of using Wise to Withdraw PayPal Funds

  • Funds from PayPal will not land on your Wise account instantly as compared to the UBA Dollar Card.
  • Wise account compulsory $20 funding is scarce & hard.

(Luckily, fnfSwap by IsuaWealthyPlace will help you fund your Wise account.

  • You need an international Passport or Drivers License to work with Wise. (NIN is not accepted).


Pros of using Wise to Withdraw PayPal Funds

  • It is free to move funds from PayPal to Wise as compared to Card where $5 is charged for the instant delivery.
  • It is free to move funds from one Wise Account to another.
  • You also get a high exchange rate as UBA prepaid card (or more at times).
  • You can move funds to Wise using any PayPal Country.


How To Withdraw PayPal to Wise to Nigeria Bank Account

Just as you move your funds from PayPal to UBA Prepaid Dollar Card, the same thing applies. But instead of selecting Card, you will select Bank – that is the Wise Bank Account we just added.

To move funds to Wise:

Step 1. Move the PayPal Funds to your Wise account.

  • Click on Transfer Funds
  • Select Bank – that you linked from Wise
  • Confirm the amount and click Continue.


Step 2. Confirm the funds in your Wise Balance.

opening wise account in nigeria

Step 3. Enter the Amount

Enter the amount you want to send or exchange. When done, click on Continue.

how to open a transferwise account in nigeria

Step 4. Enter the fnfSwap Wise Email Address.

Enter our email address in the space provided.

P.S – we will give you an email address to enter.

wise recipient

Step 5. Confirm Transaction.

Now, review details of your transfer to us.

Funds transfer from User to User on Wise is FREE.


Finally, click on “confirm and Send” and fnfSwap will receive the funds.

use wise nigeria

Step 6. Get Payment in Naira

Get Funded instantly in Naira  with money sent to your Naira account.

As per fnfSwap culture, you will get Naira funded instantly at a high rate.

That is all.

Get started below.

Summary Note

The UBA Dollar Prepaid Card withdrawal works with the following PayPal accounts:
  • Nigerian Business Account.
  • Lesotho Business Account.
  • Iceland Business Account.
  • Serbian Business Account.
  • Mozambique Business. Account.
  • UAE Business Account.
  • Senegalese Business Account.

***Note – this is not an exclusive list – meaning, you can try out with your PayPal if it is different from the list (BUT DO NOT LINK IT TO A USA or UK PayPal).

The Wise Account withdrawal method works with all PayPal Countries

(Not tested with Nigerian Business account yet).


Why Transact with fnfSwap by IsuaWealthyPlace?


#1. We are registered – all transactions are enabled through – “IsuaWealthyPlace Publishers” – a legal and registered Business Name with Corporate Affairs commission in the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the BN: 3560824.

#2. Transactions are processed via our Business Accounts.

#3. You get paid above the market $/₦.

#4. You get a FREE $1 if your payment exceeds 15 mins (as of the time of sending your funds).

#5. You get the best exchange relations customer support. 

#6. You can exchange your funds even after the close of work at 9 pm.

#7. You can transact your funds on weekends (Sunday inclusive).

#8. You can exchange as low as $10.

See a few transactions with fnfSwap clients over the week and today below – observe all payments are done under 15 mins, else, if payment to your bank account exceeds 15 mins, you get an apology fund of $1 FOR FREE


Transaction with Bethel

paypal uba payment

Payment transfered to his Nigerian Bank Account below – within 5 minutes

paypal uba to bank account


Transaction with Pioneer Freelancer

Transaction with Bethel

Payment transfered to his Nigerian Bank Account below – within 7 minutes

uba africard dollar card payment


Transaction with Daniel

uba africard dollar card to bank account

Payment transfered to his Nigerian Bank Account below – within 8 minutes

withdraw from paypal with uba

So, high ₦/$ rateswift payments, and instant customer support are a few reasons why our clients and community are happy to work with us.

How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to Bank Account @High Rate

How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to Bank Account @High Rate

Get PayPal Account Guides in Nigeria

#1. How to Have a Long-Lasting PayPal Account – PDF

Click here to download a guide on how to safeguard your PayPal account

#2. How to Link Card to PayPal

Click here to download how to link a card to your PayPal account


Tips to Operate A Lasting PayPal Account from Nigeria – From Experience

You need to take note of this vital information because when I discovered this, I quickly went on to close my PayPal account and opened a new one.

  • Do not use the wrong information to open your PayPal account. 

Do you know why?

If you use the wrong information to open the account, a time will come when you will have to verify it because as you receive lots of funds above the threshold your account can carry, you will need to tell PayPal that the transactions are legit.

On the other way round, if you had used the wrong information to open it, you will need to use the same information to verify it, else, your account will be locked up by PayPal, and what next?

PayPal will give you more days to verify the information, and if as a result, you can’t still verify it, you will be allowed to log in and withdraw the funds, then your account will get closed permanently.

So, to open a valid PayPal account, use only valid information. That is your real name, email address, and home address.

Alternatively, it is also better for a PayPal expert to open an account for you – with valid documents included.

  • Always log in using your Country’s PayPal URL

If your PayPal account is a Lesotho, make sure to always log in using and not direct through the URL.

  • Avoid changing IP Addresses 

Also changing your IP Address often if you want to use your MTN mobile line for accessing your account, continue with that and do not change to Airtel or 9Mobile.

And if possible, use the same device always to login.

  • Don’t Receive Multiple fnf funds to a Business Account 

This is a big-time red flag. Do not receive funds from FAMILY AND FRIENDS PayPal to your Business account, else, it’s only a matter of time before your account will be limited.


How I lost my PayPal Account 🙄 

Before the PayPal agreement with our special type of account that locks up bad funds instantly, I was using a Lesotho account and over $1,000 was held in it.

I got the dreaded message from PayPal because someone sent me consecutive 3 fnf funds without my knowledge, see below.

How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to Bank Account @High Rate

  • Use A PayPal Account You Have All the Verification Documents at Hand

A few documents PayPal might require from you include a Photo ID, Proof of Address, and a Utility Bill.

If you can get the documents from the same PayPal country, it better, because if you upload Nigerian Documents to a Lesotho account (for instance), you might get lucky and it gets approved, else, if it gets rejected, you will get their dreaded message of “You can no longer use PayPal”.

And if you try opening another account with the same method, it will still get banned immediately after you are done.

I mean, if you don’t have the required documents from the PayPal country, then make sure not to leave anything up to $200 in your PayPal account balance.

For more on PayPal tips and what I learned, get the updates here when it is published – for PayPal enthusiasts only.


How to Avoid 21- or 180-days PayPal Funds Holding

Now, if you experience a 21-day hold on your funds, it is because you received a high figure amount of money in your PayPal account too early.

That is to say, if you opened your PayPal account today and next tomorrow you receive $300-$400+, your funds will be on hold for 21 days.

Here is a sample of the funds when it was on hold for 21 days when I first opened the PayPal account and received about $400 sent to a friend of mine from Abroad in early 2020.

How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to Bank Account @High Rate

On the flip side, no need to fear as your funds will be released after 21 days.

However, as you have seen above, the new PayPal account I opened a few days ago after deleting my main account just received $350+ and it was available on the main balance and not on hold.

How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to Bank Account @High Rate

Here are a few things you can do to clear your Funds from “on Hold

  • Receive a small amount of PayPal funds first to warm up the account so it can earn PayPal’s trust
  • See more in the Blueprint.

By the way, Listen Up. Want to get the Latest Tips and Updates on Online Payments & UBA Dollar Prepaid Card funds Prices and News? If yes, join our NEW exclusive WhatsApp community here.  

FAQ about Sending and Withdrawing of PayPal Funds in Nigeria

PayPal is a payment service that enables you to pay or send money, and also accept payments.

As a Nigerian, you can open an account, add a credit card or link a bank account to your PayPal account to fund online purchases.

It’s safer than sending a money order through the mail as long as you use Goods and Services when sending a payment, you have buyer protection should the item not arrive or is different than what you ordered.

Yes, you can. You can use your debit cards linked to the card and withdraw the funds to your Nigerian bank account, or transfer it another user in Nigerian in exchange for Naira.

Yes, you can. To do this, you will have to use a Nigerian, Lesotho South African, Iceland and other Nigerian eligible Business PayPal accounts, else, a personal Nigerian PayPal cannot receive money.

Going forward, if you want to operate e a personal account like the UK and USA in Nigeria, you will have to make use of a good Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The current rate of PayPal to Naira exchange depends on the market trading value which is at ₦420/$ at the local bank, and the best $/₦ rate with fnfSwap. Check out the details here.

When you send money from PayPal to a Nigerian bank it takes 3 days or more to be processed, and a few days more for your local bank to exchange it for Naira. In total, it might take up to 7 days.

When you send money to other users, it can take 1-3 days before the recipient receives the PayPal money. However, if you want instant funding, you can use the transfer option which normally would take 3 days as well, but PayPal will process it instantly in 30 minutes or more if there are verification requirements.

It takes minutes to send and receive money between PayPal accounts and 2–3 days from a bank to a PayPal account. It is faster if you are sending the funds via your card linked to PayPal from your local bank.

  • First, use a valid or a new email address to open a PayPal account.
  • Confirm the email address, and use a strong password.
  • For first-degree verification, link your PayPal account to an approved debit/credit card.
  • For second-degree verification, link a bank account to the account.
  • Withdraw your PayPal funds to your Nigeria bank account or credit card.

Yes, you can. But only virtual US, UK, and European bank accounts are eligible to be added to PayPal accounts. I mean, you can’t add a normal Nigerian Naira or Dollar account to any PayPal account.

Yes, you can. To make your PayPal account valid, you will first of all, link a phone number to the account, confirm your email address, add and link credit/debit cards, and possibly add and confirm a US bank to the PayPal account.

Going forward, you will be asked to provide Proof of Residence, Passport, Identity, and other required documents to remove all forms of limitations.

There are various reasons PayPal holds funds, but if your account is new, it is for credibility. Here is what I mean.

If you have a new PayPal account, it will take some time to build up a positive reputation as a seller, therefore, PayPal will possibly hold the funds for 21 days pending if they will be issues raised by the buyer.

After this time, be rest assured that your funds will be available in your balance for withdrawal.

There are many other payment platforms to receive cash online in Nigeria. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Payoneer
  • TransferWise (Now Wise)
  • Skrill
  • Payer
  • Western Union
  • Zelle
  • Cash App
  • Bank Wire
  • Cryptocurrency

A few of the Banks in Nigeria that have a partnership with PayPal, and whose Credit/Debit cards can be linked to a PayPal account to are: UBA, First Bank Nigeria, FCMB, Access Bank, WEMA Bank, GTCO (formerly GTBank), and Flutterwave.

A few of the Banks in Nigeria that have a partnership with PayPal, and whose Credit/Debit cards can be linked to a PayPal account to are: UBA, First Bank Nigeria, FCMB, Access Bank, WEMA Bank, GTCO (formerly GTBank), and Flutterwave.

Should you forget your PayPal password and you want to charge it follow the step below.

  1. Go to our Login
  2. Click Forgot password?
  3. Enter the email address you use for PayPal and click Next. (If you’ve forgotten the email address, click Forgot your email?).
  4. Choose how you want to complete our security check and click Next
  5. Once you complete the security check, we’ll ask you to create a new password. That is all.

Log into your account and use the live chat feature from PayPal’s message center or reach out to the PayPal care desk via 1-402-517-4519.

What is PayPal’s email address? You can contact their support by opening a chat on Twitter or Facebook.

To contact PayPal on Facebook, chat them here – you can And to contact on Twitter, go here – @AskPayPal.

To connect with their call desk, add + to this phone number – 1-402-517-4519.

Lastly, you can message them via the message center in your account. You will have to log in to your account to do this.

Yes, it does. The payment platform now allows Nigerians to open either a Personal or Business account to run their online businesses, and the Nigerian PayPal web address is 

No, it is not. PayPal service is fully available to all residents of Nigeria who operate online businesses or wish to send money to friends and family.  

Yes, it is. You can use PayPal in any part of the country, be it in Akwa-Ibom, Abuja, Ondo, etc. 

You can receive funds with any PayPal business account in countries like Lesotho, Iceland, Serbia, Senegal, and lots more, but you can’t with a Nigerian personal account.

The personal account that you can receive funds in Nigeria is US, UK, and other European PayPal accounts which you will have to operate with a VPN.

  • There are many reasons for pending funds. See some of them below.
  • If a payment you sent is pending or unclaimed, it means the recipient is yet to receive it or hasn’t accepted the payment.
  • It was sent to an email address or phone number that isn’t registered to a verified PayPal account.
  • The recipient has opted not to automatically accept some payments.

You can cancel the payment. To do this, go to your Activity, find the payment, and hit the Cancel button.

  • There are still many reasons, but below are a few of them.
  • If you need to confirm your credit or debit card so we know you’re the card owner.
  • If you need to update the expiration date or billing address associated with your credit or debit card.
  • If you need to Resolve a limitation placed on your account, and etc.


  1. A.G. Samuel
  2. Philemon Sunday
  3. Graceson Chukwu
  4. George
  5. Susan Aniche
  6. Susan Aniche
  7. Hamisu Haruna
  8. Sophia
  9. Victor
      • Atama Christiana. O
  10. Unclet
  11. Similoluwa
  12. Chukwu Esther
  13. Florence
  14. Usman Ismaila
      • Adedayo
    • Sunday
  15. Ricky
  16. Latty
  17. Olaniyi
  18. Gbenga
  19. Michael ayo
  20. eneojo attai
  21. Musty
  22. Sho

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