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expertnaire registration 2021 for members

How Expertnaire helped me generate my first 7 figures in pure profit under 365 days. Since the first in 2021, I haven’t looked back, because why should I? 😀 

Yes, I’ve done affiliate marketing over the years with near-top results – the best I could do was 6 figures – at a point, I rounded up ₦400,000 in one month.

For that year -2020-, I think it was about ₦800,000+ (outside of Expertnaire).

Before we talk about the Expertnaire registration and how much it costs to sign up, let me share my experience with it, but if you are in a hurry to sign up as an affiliate, please use the “Table of Contents” and go down to the best 3 ways to sign up as an Expertnaire Affiliate.

So many of you have reached out to me, saying you really do want to learn affiliate marketing as a business but have no clue or are suffering from low belly motivation to do so. LAUGHS.

I can understand that feeling, and at the same time, I do know that “fear”, “hope for what’s next”, and “money” can be the motivating factors to get something done. At least this was what gave me the drive when I borrowed my Expertnaire registration for 72ig in 2019 after losing blindly to crypto trading.

I do not normally put my business results out because they will be received with mixed emotions – some will be happy about it, haters will hate, and competitors will hate the most, but I must show you the way, and I hope to do my best. Do you know why?

Let’s take religious organizations in Nigeria as an example. 

Check out any religious institution that is criticized on the internet. It is never the ones in your street that are starting out or trying to grow, but the ones who have invested time and sacrifices to be a voice to reckon with.

I am telling you this beforehand (a sure prophecy) to know that people may/will hate your results in the future if you are ready to start your online business with Expertnaire and take it seriously. 

People just hate successful results they can’t get but DO NOT WANT to sacrifice what it takes to get the “hated results” – tweetable. 😎  

After losing a thousand Dollar Bill to Crypto trading, I was left with nothing more than being in debt. I was out to search for the right hustle.

Although I knew about Affiliate Marketing beforehand, the big question was, who was there to show me the right path because the situation I was in was more than watching random YouTube videos on the subject.

While searching, I stumbled upon Expertnaire on Prosper Noah’s blog, but never gave it any serious thought.

Not until months later, did I randomly read through his blog again, and there he was, already made his first ₦100,000 – more than a motivation for me. 

Since this was an affiliate platform and most people were promoting make-money-online products, my fear was “How and where will I get proof of earnings” to show prospects that I’ve made money with Expertnaire? This was a challenge. But something in me told me to go forward. Here is what I did.

But first, here is when I joined. 


I took a leap of faith and signed up with Expertnaire, instead of promoting a product that people will ask for income proof, I went rather for non-income products.

That was how I picked one of the hottest products back then called “Permanent Residence in Canada Blueprint by Victor Jegede” and promoted it. People still wan JAPA Naija – so, it was hot even in 2019.

I was eager and wanted a breakthrough fast. Going forward, after getting my marketing ready, I was anticipating I would make the first sale after 24 hours or at most 72 hours. #WelldoneComrade. 😎 

just de play with affiliate marketing

After implementing using WhatsApp Marketing, I finally made my first sale on the 39th day.

Hey, hey, hey.

Even if the commission was ₦8,500.00, my joy knew no bounds because, OMO, you know the eagerness to make it after losing such an amount in trading and in debt. Below is the [earning – 2019].

is 72ig legit

It was from this little beginning I summed up courage and registered for the 72ig program, back then it was called the “72 Income Generator Program”.

This was where things sporadically got interesting.

My earnings and efforts were properly awarded.

Just as I got a commission of ₦8,500.00 for one product, in the same vein, I started getting ₦15,000 per product sold, and the rest they say is “history”

72ig affiliate marketing

When I say Expertnaire made me 7 figures, I actually mean in pure profit and not counting total sales. But the shocking thing is that it all started with a leap of faith because I believed in it.

Believe it or not, in 2021 when I lost my dad and due to the complications of it, I lost all my savings saved up from other online business programs.

It was Expertnaire that kept food on my table each month till the year was over. Yeah, #Godfactor.

I still have so much to tell but I have to stop here for now. If not for anything, I want you to know that there is nothing greater than investing in yourself and having a skill – which you are about to get pretty soon.

I knew that since I had an Expertnaire account already, I needed to learn what the top guys were doing.

You see, having a good product to sell online is just 50% of any business, but knowing how to market it is the real sauce. Do you get the point? Here is it.

Your Skill (digital product to sell) + Good Marketing equals = Profit. There is no better marketing than doing your job/projects/tasks very well.

I really do hope this serves as encouragement. I have made a lot of mistakes and I learn from them quickly. I would still make more mistakes but in all, it’s best to keep moving forward.

Now, I want to welcome you to start your own successful affiliate marketing business online with Expertnaire using the best registration method to appropriate your success – cause where you are now and where you want to be is in front of you. I was there, so I know deeply.

Yes, today, a lot of people are still confused about the difference between Expertnaire and 72ig program. 

Because you are here, I don’t want this confusion to continue, therefore, we will start together by defining what Expertnaire and the 72ig program are before we check out the Expertnaire registration processes.


Expertnaire vs 72ig Program

The difference between Expertnaire and the 72ig program is that Expertnaire is just an affiliate website and marketplace where affiliates join as members to promote digital products and get paid, while 72ig is an online training lesson on Expertnaire that educates you on how to sell the actual products on Expertnaire so you avoid the struggles of other members and most especially if you are a beginner.

Fortunately, or unfortunately.

Unfortunately, the 72ig program is no longer active.

Fortunately, the Expertnaire CEO and team introduced a new Affiliate Business training program which replaced it some months ago called “NAME”.

I want to tell you more. But first, let’s see the requirements for joining the Expertnaire affiliate website.


Requirements to Join Expertnaire Nigeria

To join Expertnaire and become an affiliate, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Must be a Nigerian
  • Have a Bank Account to receive income payments every Friday.
  • Have a Valid Email Account.
  • Pay a registration fee as a member.


How to Sign Up as Expertnaire Affiliate in 2 Ways 

While a lot of people are asking how to join Expertnaire for free, as a serious digital marketer, that is not the question you should be asking if you consider affiliate marketing as a profitable online business. No one starts a credible online business for free.

(Away a bit, I am not saying you should borrow to sign up as I did, but if you are looking for free money, then start offering online services and gather enough money to start a full marketing business on a platform like Expertnaire. You can subscribe to this channel if you want free online business/hacks).

With that being said, here are the best 2 ways to sign up as an Expertnaire affiliate if you really do want to make money in quick succession.


Method 1 [Basic Plan] – Sign up as an “ORDINARY” Expertnaire Affiliate

The Basic plan “is a word I coined” to easily understand what I mean here.

Now, the Basic Plan sign-up means you are joining Expertnaire as an ordinary affiliate – what it gets you is an Expertnaire affiliate account and access to digital products ONLY.

About digital course marketing and how to make money – it is all on you to figure out. AKA – On Your Own [OYO].

If you want to sign up using this method, the signup fee is ₦10,000 only which gives you an active affiliate account for 1 year. 

Pros & Benefits of joining Expertnaire as an Ordinary Affiliate

  • You have an active Expertnaire account
  • You get access to Expertnaire Products.
  • You make money if you can do it all by yourself.
  • Telegram community (automatic or request manually).


  • You have to figure out everything on your own – try and fail/give up or keep trying till you get it right.
  • No Material case studies and bundles to see what works.
  • No Access to periodical and weekly online support classes.
  • No Access to “follow come” Premium and Advanced Marketing Tools/Resources – like the AI-powered WhatsApp Tool to reduce 90% of the work you’d be doing.
  • No Access to Monthly case study breakdown.

Want to sign up on Expertnaire as an Ordinary Affiliate with ₦10,000?

If yes, go to and click on Sign up as an affiliate. Alternatively, check out the sign-up steps here.

Let’s see the second sign-up method.

Method 2– Sign up as a “Premium” Expertnaire Affiliate

The Premium membership here means you are a next-level Expertnaire member/affiliate.

And that is by signing up via a program that gives you 100% leverage to make money on Expertnaire, access to marketing lessons, Advanced tools, and an Expertnaire account that lasts for 3 months. Check this out.

After Expertnaire paid over 3 billion Naira to its affiliates in commissions since 2018, they discovered that 92% of newbies like you who would later make as much as ₦250,000 in their first 90 days on Expertnaire follow a simple 3-step method using their smartphones.

With this discovery, Expertnaire themselves, as a company launched a new membership program called “Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo” which encompasses the experiences of “Top Expertnaire Coaches” who have made 7 and 8 figures on the affiliate platform within 3 months/90 days.

The program called “Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo or [NAME]” – gives you the perfect and cheap Expertnaire membership sign up COST – so you don’t complain about not having ₦62,500 as was formerly with the 72ig program.

And guess what?

To sign up, the registration fee is not up to ₦30,000, ₦40,000, or ₦50,000. Not even close.  

In case you are asking why affiliate account access for 90 days. Here is it.

They enabled 3 months so you will run with this lesson, implement as instructed, and make money fast – as much as ₦250,000 in your first 1-90 days, and then decide to either pay for the yearly membership fee or upgrade to the 72ig – the advanced marketing version which comes with a free 1-year membership account.

The Cost of this Program/Premium Expertnaire Membership is ₦25,000 only. Yes, you heard that right.

Just so you don’t forget, note that “Expertnaire as a company is the owner of this program”.

Therefore, signing up as a member gives you so many advantages as a newbie yet to start or as an affiliate already in, but struggling with affiliate marketing success. But there is a drawback as well. Let’s see. 

Pros & Benefits of joining Expertnaire as a Premium Affiliate

  • Access to a Free Expertnaire Affiliate Account for 3 months.
  • You get access to Expertnaire Products.
  • Lifetime access to all teachings and upgrades to the Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo program
  • AI-powered WhatsApp Tool to reduce 90% of the work you’d be doing.
  • Exclusive Telegram Community with your fellow affiliates where we push each other
  • Weekly Q & A session where you get to ask all your questions and get answers in real-time.
  • Monthly case study breakdown on how to promote the hot products on Expertnaire.
  • Free Expertnaire Account is for 90 days ONLY.

Note – The AI Powered WhatsApp Automation Tool will be available from July 31st, 2023. So, get ready. 

About the “Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo” Telegram Community – this is a new room (not the general Expertnaire telegram). Here is how it looks like.

Minimalist enough to get all necessary supports/attention you need. 

expertnaire telegram group


Big question. How did I see the new “Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo” room? 


I already have an active Expertnaire account and the 72ig program training.

But you see, I love recommending products I know in and out, AKA, I have used and know that it will benefit you firsthand. 

So, I have GONE AHEAD and enrolled for the Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo with ₦25,000 just to show you the inside and out of it – so you know what you are getting from this training – plus a short video summary to signing up fast.


Before you sign up, see the inside of the program below. 

expertnaire 72ig sign up

Module 1 – The right mindset for Starting Affiliate Marketing Business

how to make sales on expertnaire

Module 2 – Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

how to start expertnaire

Module 3 – Content Generation for Marketing

expertnaire dashboard

Module 4 – Traffic Generation.

Module 4 has so many traffic sources, so, let me give you a few of them.

expertnaire affiliate marketing sign up

Let me summarize others for you.  

Module 5 – How to Design a Professional Web pages as a Newbie

Module 6 – How to Create Stunning Graphic Designs using Smartphones

Module 7 – How to Win Sales Challenge on Expertnaire

I told you that it is a precise training, not as voluminous as the 72ig 😀 .

Ready to start your first successful online business? I took this step 3 years ago. See below. 


Here is how to sign up on Expertnaire as a Premium Affiliate via “Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo” Program. 

Step 1. Go to the “Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo” offer page.

➽➽ Click this link to the “NAME” offer page.

expertnaire registration guide

Step 2. Register

Read through the page and click on “Click here to Register “to sign up as an affiliate.

how to register on expertnaire for free

Step 3. Enter your details and make Payment

P.S – Check for my referral link below – if you will. Kindly confirm that the ref number is “ref – 6391425889”.

expertnaire sign up guide

Card I used for the payment: I used the Opay Debit Card for the payment. Or simply use your normal Naira bank card.

Payment option – I chose “Flutterwave”.  Click on CHECK OUT to make the payment.


Step 5. Get Payment Confirmation

If the payment is successful, you will get a prompt that tells you the same. See below.

expertnaire sign up fee


Step 6. Get Access to NAME Training

Upon payment, you get access the Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo program + your 3-month Expertnaire account.

Note:  you will get access automatically after enrollment and also to your email account. See below

how to register on expertnaire

All details will be sent to the email address used while signing up. See below

how to withdraw from expertnaire

That is, it.

Expertnaire Registration Fee Summary

Expertnaire registration is in 3 ways. The fee for registering as an ordinary affiliate member is ₦10,000 per year and ₦25,000 as a premium member.

The Premium membership comes with digital marketing lessons apart from the free affiliate account which lasts for 90 days.


What Happens After 1 Year as An Expertnaire Member?

You will renew your membership with ₦10,000 only for the next 365 days.

Now, if you joined via the Premium or Advanced method and started making money FOR YOURSELF, then paying less than $13 to make over $3k or more in a year won’t be an issue. I’ve been doing this since 2020 having joined in 2019.  

How Do I Get Started as an Expertnaire Affiliate After Signing Up?

Once you have signed up for an Expertnaire account either as an “ordinary member”, via “NAME”, you’ve completed the first step to becoming an Affiliate. Follow these steps to keep your momentum going and ensure your success. 

Step 1: Login and Add Bank Account

Affiliates that earn over ₦5,000 are paid every Friday by Expertnaire, hence, required to add bank account details. To do that, simply go to your account profile > Click on Profile > Edit, and Add Bank Account > Save.

expernaire affiliate profile

Step 2: Choose your product niche.     

Decide what kind of products you’re most interested in and excited about. 

Although I will give you the current hot products selling when you sign up via “NAME”, just to earmark, if you are going with the Basic membership plan, you can check out this article to learn more about Expertnaire products to promote. 

When you’ve made an informed decision, find the product using the Expertnaire marketplace. There are several parameters that can help narrow your search. Please check the video resources I will give you to see how to use Expertnaire Inner Marketplace as an expert.

Step 3: Build your Marketing System/Platform.

Once you have decided what kind of product(s) you want to promote, build a platform or funnel to promote them.

As a beginner, you might not know what that means, well, it simply outlines the marketing processes to sell digital products from A-Z. They are inclusive and different if you go for free/organic or paid traffic.

Once you have a platform, copy your affiliate link from Expertnaire and share as guided to track sales that were facilitated via your platform. 


Does this sound like Spanish? If yes, then no need to be afraid. The NAME” program lessons have dealt with it extensively and deeply.

Step 4: Grow your audience.

Growing your audience is an important part of excelling as an Expertnaire Affiliate. There are several ways to reach more people. 

Check out this article if you signed up as an ordinary member, and if as a Premium/Advanced don’t bother. Use the best method as recommended in the NAME” program.

Step 5: Promote your products.

Once you’re ready to go, start promoting products. And once you find out what is working and what isn’t, you can adjust your methods accordingly. And if you have questions, take advantage of the online classes in the “NAME community.

 Step 6: Track Your Sales

Expertnaire offers a sales summary to help you optimize your methods as an affiliate. With this, you know the exact number of products sold. See a sample below.


Step 7: Get Paid

When you facilitate sales, your commission is directed into your account. Once you reach the payment threshold of ₦5,000, your funds will be sent to you via your bank account – every Friday.

Expertnaire Meaning


To my 7 figures balance below [old stat though]. 😉  

72ig course


I have shown you where I came from and how I got here today.

Over to you…

Before we wrap up, you might ask, should I sign up via the “Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo program”, let’s see.


 Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo vs Ordinary Membership – which should I go for?

Answer  – If you can manage Toyota 2008 as your first car, then go for the “Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo”.

Not being able to afford either means you are getting a Bicycle 🚲 membership – ordinary membership. 🙂 😳  

Just as with Toyota 2008, you get prestige, respect, first-hand treats, etc., that is what “the Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo program” gives you. 

Coming back to us.

If I was starting out and looking for side hustles “with not so much funds in 2019”, I would go with the “Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo Program” – just so to enjoy all accrued benefits. You get the point, right? Good.


Deciding to Start an Online Business with Expertnaire

Out of 1,000 of you reading this article now, only 10% will decide to take action. And out of the 10% which is 100 persons, 20% which is 20 persons will finally say, this is it, let’s get started. 

The rest will be out there looking for another online business (flipping blog posts to another and watching countless YouTube Videos – and finally giving up when they take in too much information) whereas, one that is profitable is in front of them.


Years back when I started hustling for online business, we had no luxury of having Expertnaire Affiliate marketplace, what we had was Clickbank, and you go suffer before you open an active account. But here is a Nigerian Clickbank ~ right in front of you. 

Don’t be like Mr. Joe ~ who procrastinates for a living.

Decide that this is your “this is it moment”.

You’re taking action today!!!

After all, Na ur life go better.

Don’t look for alternative again!

This should be your final bus-stop as far as looking for online business is concerned!!

Click Below to get started!!!

Sign up as a “Premium” Expertnaire Affiliate – via the “Newbie Affiliate Marketing Expo program“.

That is all about Expertnaire sign-up and how to register as an affiliate.

FAQ About Expertnaire Affiliate Sign-Up & Registration

Can I Register on Expertnaire for Free?

You can’t because there’s a payment gateway that processes all members’ account lock-up systems. Platform access is sent to your email after payment.

How Much Is Expertnaire Registration?

New members are expected to pay a registration fee of Ten Thousand Naira (₦10,000) only for affiliate membership only while a registration fee of ₦25,000 is for premium members which includes many resources not available to ordinary members.

How Does Expertnaire Work in Summary?

#1. Expertnaire is an affiliate website that hosts or lists only Digital products.
#2. You sign up as an affiliate
#3. You select a product you want to promote and make money.
#4. You make money when you successfully promote it/them.
#5. You get paid on Friday.

How can I Access expertnaire registration portal?

The Expertnaire website is their portal.

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