Expertnaire Registration: How to Sign Up as Expertnaire Affiliate 2022

expertnaire registration 2021 for members


To begin with, a lot of people are still confused about the difference between Expertnaire and 72ig program.  

Because you are here, I don’t want this confusion to continue, therefore, we will start together by defining what Expertnaire and the 72ig program is before we check out the Expertnaire registration processes.      


Expertnaire vs 72ig Program

The difference between Expertnaire and the 72ig program is that Expertnaire is just an affiliate website and marketplace where affiliates join as members to promote digital products and get paid while the 72ig program is an online training program on Expertnaire that educates you on how to sell the actual products on Expertnaire so you avoid the struggles of other members and most especially if you are a beginner.

So far, Expertnaire has reached a membership number of 23,000+ as of November 2021.

expertnaire MEMBERS

Currently – over 40,000 members.


What is the 72ig implementation program price?

As a premium online marketing course, the 72ig implementation program price is at ₦62,500. The good thing is, this is a fixed price with a lifetime access to the Expertnaire platform and its training packages.

After the initial payment, there is a yearly fee structure of ₦10,000 per year for all members on Expertnaire platform which shouldn’t be a problem considering the commissions you will make per year.

What’s Affiliate marketing vs Expertnaire?

Affiliate marketing is a form of digital marketing or internet marketing. By internet, it means, you are using the internet – when you go online – to market (recommend and promote) products and services to those in need of them.

Let’s assume you just opened a Micro Finance Bank and you need investors, you put an advert in the news seeking persons to join as marketers.

Now, if someone joins as a marketer but uses the internet to bring you customers/investors – to the Micro Finance Bank – from the funds’ invested, you pay them a certain percentage, that is what is known as Internet marketing or Affiliate Marketing.

As far as you have access to the internet and WhatsApp on your mobile phone, you are a step away from starting AFFILIATE marketing using the internet + phone without physical marketing – like going from house to house seeking prospects.

Prospects – those interested in what you are promoting/selling.

Expertnaire on its own is an affiliate website like the Micro Finance Bank you opened.

Expertnaire vs 72ig Program summary

🚦 Expertnaire is just an affiliate website and marketplace where affiliates join as members to promote digital products and get paid.

🚦 The 72ig Implementation program is an online training program on Expertnaire that educates you on how to sell the actual products on Expertnaire + gives you automatic membership. That is, no need to pay N10,000 ordinary affiliates do.


Joining Expertnaire as an Ordinary Member vs via the 72ig Program – #10 Factors you should know before decision

#1. Joining Expertnaire as an ordinary member gives you access to ONLY the Expertnaire affiliate website and the products while joining Expertnaire via the 72ig Program gives you more than membership but full training on how to sell products and make money.

#2. As a 72ig student, you get trained via the 72IG Implementation Program on how to sell products online using a combination of email marketing and PPC traffic. A lesson that takes your digital marketing skills to a new level while as an ordinary member you do not.

#3. As a 72ig student, you get the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator program – the complete step-by-step training on how to use your phone and make money using WhatsApp. But as an OM – ordinary member, you do not get it.

#4. Get educated on how to scale your online business with Affiliate marketing using simple techniques as a 72ig student while as an OM you get nothing.

#5. When you join via the 72ig program, you get lots of training resources both for the 72ig WhatsApp and Implementations training.

#6. You get exclusive weekly live lessons and classes, when necessary, should you have questions or issues that need to be addressed.

#7. When you join as a 72ig program, you get access to the Exclusive 72ig Facebook community but as an ordinary member, you do not.

#8. The course vendor of the 72ig is Toyin Omotoso, who also doubles as the CEO of Expertnaire

#9. As a bonus, you get 50% commission per sale of the same 72ig product while as an ordinary member you get 30% commission. 🙄 

Having seen what the website entails and the differences, let’s now see the naked truth about the platform.






Someone asked why give all these resources with so much value?


Answer – because I believe that if you are investing in a high-ticket program like the 72ig, you need to get results and quick to reap the divined of investment, right? Yes.  

So, if you’re ready, use the steps below to get started by signing up on Expertnaire via the 72ig program and my DM is opened to you.


How to Sign Up on Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform in 7 Steps

The 72ig-Expertnaire SIGN UP

Step 1. Click this link to the Expertnaire Website.

join Expertnaire via 72ig(1)


Scroll down and click on the video button at the center and listen to the intro.

expertnaire affiliate sign up 2


Step 2. Scroll down and click on the “Register button below”.

72ig new price

Click the 👉BUTTON 👈 above to register. Click and proceed.


Step 3. Confirm the Reference Number

Check the Ref – reference number that it’s the same as this [ ref = 6391425889 ]

If they are the same, then it is valid – go ahead with the payment.

See the image below – the blue tick – that the ref number matches this one – ref = 6391425889

72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint + Implementation Program B

P.S – If the ref number does not match, click here so I guide you properly.


Step 4. Make payment/checkout.

  1. Enter Your Details (Correctly):
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  1. Choose Payment Method: I recommend PAYSTACK (Naira) – for instant payment confirmation.

expertnaire affiliate sign up 4

Step 5. Get Payment Confirmation verification and Receipt

As far as you followed the steps above correctly, your payment will be confirmed as shown below.

expertnaire registration 2

Here is the payment receipt you will receive as well.

expertnaire registration 3

Step 6. Get Access to the 72ig Training program

From the above steps, you will get the product Order confirmation, and from there you get “the purchase access link” as shown below.

expertnaire registration FEE

From the instruction, you will have access to both the 72ig Implementation program and the 72ig WhatsApp program.

Promote Expertnaire Products with whatsapp

72ig account dashboard


Congratulations. Get started.

Next, connect with me here so I send you exclusive resources, add you to mentoring closed group, and templates to scale this business. 

Between, check your email inbox for the welcome message.


Step 7. Login and Select a product you want to promote and get started


72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint

Having gotten your benefits and strategies to make sales right away, select a product you want to promote and share the affiliate link to make sales.

select a product on Expertnaire Nigeria


Now, when you find a product that you wish to promote by searching the Expertnaire marketplace/dashboard you will be provided with a unique link that you can use to direct customers to the product page.

This unique link is what is called – “affiliate link”.


When you make your first sale, you’ll get this same mail-notification when you make your first sale – the same every affiliate gets. 👇👇👇

Expertnaire Meaning


Step 8. Receive your affiliate commission

With your sales recorded, you will get your money straight to your bank account. The same email as shown below.

receive payment


Receive your money and save or make yourself happy. 😎

What of joining as an ordinary member with N10,000?

All you need to do is go to and click on sign up and follow the same prompts.

How Does Expertnaire Work IN 5 STEPS Summary?

#1. Expertnaire is an affiliate website that hosts or lists only Digital products.

#2. You sign up as an affiliate

#3. You select a product you want to promote and make money.

#4. You make money when you successfully promote it/them.

#5. You get paid on Friday

Want the 72ig Expertnaire Easy Sales Manual as an Expertnaire Member?

What happens if you need the 72ig Expertnaire Easy Sales Manual if you had already registered as a 72ig member or as an ordinary member? No problem.

Because a lot of Expertnaire people have asked me how to simplify the sales strategies, I coupled an all-in-one exclusive value worth N230,000 you can get as resources today to skyrocket your success on Expertnaire.  

Instead of N230,000 value price, get it instead at a Pizza 🥪 price.

➡️ Click here to SEE THE DETAILS. |

That IS ALL about Expertnaire sign up and how to register as an affiliate.

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Get started with Expertnaire as an affiliate.

👉 Register via the 72ig Program – click here to register | click here if you need my support in the registration process.


FAQ About Expertnaire Affiliate Sign Up & Registration

How to Upgrade as an ordinary member to the 72ig

If you had joined Expertnaire as an ordinary member, and now you want to upgrade to the 72ig program, you will have to make a fresh payment – which still includes a 1-year free membership.

You shouldn’t be worried about the money if you are ready to PUT IN THE WORK because you will make it up. Why?

That’s how I went through on Expertnaire myself. From an ordinary affiliate to a 72ig or premium member.

PUT IN THE WORK? What do I mean? If you are ready to implement the process. Others that put in the work get results, so, you MUST!!!

 To upgrade to 72ig from an OM (ordinary member) (click here to the72ig program and register).

 What of the FREE resources – the Easy Sales Manual – to scale your sales? You will get it for free after your registration.

👉 Contact me here when you’ve joined.

What happens if you can’t join Expertnaire via 72ig? 

If you don’t have the funds to join right now but interested in the WhatsApp Sales Class or the 72ig Expertnaire Easy Sales manual, click here to order the 72ig Expertnaire Easy Sales manual.

From the money made using the method, join the 72ig and get all other resources from the program.

Note: if you are paying for the 72ig Expertnaire Easy Sales manual, my mentorship is excluded.

P.S: Should you have any questions RELATING to the Expertnaire affiliate sign-up process, leave a comment below and I will attend to them.

Expertnaire Registration: How to Sign Up as Expertnaire Affiliate 2022

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