11 Best Selling Expertnaire Courses [How to Promote]

Expertnaire Courses

One of the best ways to teach yourself digital marketing is to follow an online digital marketing training course that shows you exactly what you need.

The thing is, a good online course will help you build the skills needed to become a successful digital marketer fast, boost your career, create a side hustle or a full-time job if you have none.

In this guide, you’ll find the best Expertnaire digital marketing courses available in the marketplace. The list includes various niches of digital marketing training courses from reputable vendors or course creators.

Let’s get started with the question below. 🙋


Are Digital Courses on Expertnaire only on Marketing/Online Business?

The short answer is no.

Apart from digital marketing products available on Expertnaire which sharpens and turns ordinary people into marketing professionals, there are courses for those seeking to relocate from Nigeria, pattern makers, relationship, health, publishing, web design, and more as we will soon see.

By the way, what is Expertnaire?

Expertnaire is a digital online platform where course creators host solution products that solve people’s problems.

As of the time of writing, Expertnaire has over 60 courses and 14,000 members called affiliates from all the states in Nigeria.

On Expertnaire, the course creators are known as Course Vendors while the members are called Affiliates.

Here, we have selected the best online Expertnaire courses for beginners and expert affiliates who want to join and make 7 or 8 figures.

Selection of Expertnaire Top Digital Courses

 The selection of the top-selling courses on Expertnaire was based on contacting the administrators of the marketplace.

Here is how it started. 2 months ago, I asked the Expertnaire Admin the top selling courses.

expertnaire contact

The response is what you will see today.

Again, I got a clue from the Expertnaire CEO – Toyin when he made an analysis of the top 4 selling products on Expertnaire based on in-house reports.


My Personal Note: 

When you join Expertnaire, select any of the 60 digital products of your choice and promote to make money.

I am saying this for those who think that they only have to promote the popular 72ig program – don’t mind the affiliates who overhype or tell you that it is the only product you can sell and make money on Expertnaire.

I promote mostly Relocation digital products because lots of Nigerians want to JAPA. So, you are free to work with any product of your choice – in Ecommerce, Freelancing, Crypto, Relocations, Pattern and Designs, Kindle Publishing, Copywriting and more.

Top 11 Expertnaire Digital Courses

Top Expertnaire Courses

These are the best-selling Expertnaire courses you can work with as an affiliate and start making money even with your mobile phone – using WhatsApp marketing.

  • 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint + Implementation Program
  • The Permanent Resident in Canada Blueprint
  • The Ultimate Move to Canada with Low IELTS Guide
  • The 10X Ecommerce Blueprint
  • The Study in Canada Masterclass Training
  • The Pattern Making with Ease
  • The Study in Canada Masterclass Training
  • IBM – Information Business Machines
  • WhatsApp Marketing Success.
  • How to Avoid Vagina Injuries at Child Birth

Bonus – a Non-Expertnaire Course on How to use Organic Free Traffic and make money with Affiliate Marketing. 😉 


11. How to Avoid Vagina Injuries at Child Birth


Medically, we know that a vaginal tear (laceration) is a wound in the tissues of the vagina. It can be caused by damage during sex.

But when it comes to child birth the case is quite different How do I mean?

According to mayoclinic.org, Vaginal tears during childbirth, also called perineal lacerations or tears, occur when the baby’s head is coming through the vaginal opening and is either too large for the vagina to stretch around or the head is a normal size but the vagina doesn’t stretch easily.

These kinds of tears are relatively common.

Now if you are on a good budget you need to seek a professional advice however, there is a practical guide by a nurse that walks you through exactly what to/what not to do To Avoid Vagina Injuries at Childbirth Using the Newly Improved, personalized & easy-to-achieve 4 combination system.

 Some of content in the How to Avoid Vagina Injuries at Child Birth blueprint include the following:

  • Clarity of the Situation of Childbirth Injuries
  • Understanding the Different Body Equations of You and Your Husband that could affect Childbirth, and What to do Differently.
  • How to Make the Healthiest and Wisest Choices for Yourself and Your Baby in Terms of Foods, Fruits, Supplements, etc.
  • How To Utilize the Services of Your Healthcare Providers to Complement Your Effort Towards Reducing Birth Injuries?
  • How to Enjoy Shorter Labor Even if it is Your First Pregnancy. (Longer labor would entail more the pain, and its energy consuming.
  • How to put it all together with practical video example of a complete (and very effective) strategy that you can practice from the comfort of your home, and more.

The program offers tools, bonuses, and a dedicated community for those who purchase the course.

It also offers resources and promotional materials to make your promotions simpler.

➡️ Learn more about this Course

10. WhatsApp Marketing Success

WhatsApp Marketing Success - Expertnaire course

The WhatsApp Marketing Success is by Tamilore Adewuyi who has disputedly used WhatsApp to make over $50,000 selling products.

One topic that is covered in detail is WhatsApp Marketing training. In particular, Tamilore offers the following:

  • How to Grow your business (physical, digital, affiliate) from scratch, position yourself, and brand yourself to generate X3 of your income monthly.
  • Simple steps to build a list of followers and views that will always beg to buy what you offer and even pay in advance.
  • Steps you should never overlook anytime you want to run ads with a WhatsApp TV.
  • The simplest method to design flyers you will use to advertise.
  • How to write WhatsApp ad copies that bring loyal customers who will buy again and again and refer their friends and families to buy from you.
  • The simplest way to get used to your WhatsApp Business and how to maximize it to make your work easy.
  • The easy ways to scale your business on WhatsApp… How to move from 5 figures to 6 figures and 7 figures per month all on WhatsApp.

The program offers tools, bonuses, and a dedicated community for those who purchase the course.

It offers resources and promotional materials to make your promotions simpler.

Learn more about this Course

9. IBM – Information Business Machines

Information Business Machines expertnaire course bb

The Digital Marketing Expertnaire Course is offered by Jonathan Melody. Jonathan breaks down the one brilliant idea that helped him build his first 30-million-Naira digital business.

As an online entrepreneur, he has helped 2000+ entrepreneurs make money online.

The IBM Expertnaire course teaches you/prospects how to turn the internet to your personal money printing machine just by selling digital products within the next 90 days or less.

The digital marketing course bundle has ten (10) modules covering all major aspects of making money with a digital product. In particular, it includes the following courses:

  • Discovering how to create your own contents in PDFs easily without using any expensive software out there.
  • Discovering how you can record high quality audios and videos that your customers will love even if you haven’t done this ever.
  • How to turn your ideas into software that people will pay you a lot of money for.
  • How you can build your own membership sites and have people register to gain access to your courses.
  • How you can start having a flow of ideas for your information product.
  • You’d discover how to create evergreen webinars.
  • You’d discover the “godfather strategy”, how you can create irresistible offers that people will beg you to take their money.
  • You’d discover how you can make more money from the same customer by selling them more of your products.
  • How to discover the 4 niche test questions you must ask before you choose a niche.
  • How to discover the 6 ninja questions you must ask your audience to know exactly what they want. This is very crucial to your success.

At this point, let’s just pretend as if that is all – because there are far more lessons in the training program.

Learn more about this Course

8. The Pattern Making with Ease

Pattern Making With Ease expertnaire course 22

Serah Kassim is a company co-founded by Serah Kassim.

Kassim is an experienced Flat Pattern Making and fashion patterns designs.

Her made in Nigeria Afrocentric retail brand uses Afrocentric clothing to promote beauty in African textiles for Black women.  A Tony Elumelu foundation entrepreneur and 2020Hub read for Lagos state.

In particular, her pattern fashion training covers 7 topics:

  • Introduction to Pattern Making
  • Measurements taking Technique
  • Tools and Terms used in Pattern Making
  • Drafting a Blouse Sloper.
  • Skirt Pattern drafting
  • Drafting a Pencil skirt Pattern
  • Drafting a Mermaid Skirt Pattern
  • Drafting a Gore/Pieces skirt Pattern
  • Drafting a Wrap Skirt Pattern, more.

Learn more about this Course

7. Freelancers Money Pot

Ajeigbe Moruf is the brain behind the Expertnaire Freelancers Money Pot.

To serve users and audiences better, he created a freelance digital marketing course on how to become a Fiverr freelancer with credit alerts that “the rich and wealthy men respect.

The course covers all major Fiverr lessons including:

  • How to set up a professional and top-notch Fiverr account and gig (Very easy to do).
  • The desperate Newbie New ranking methods for gigs.
  • Hot in-demand niches on Fiverr.
  • The top-class Methods on how you can offer more than 5 different hot in-demand services on Fiverr.
  • The hidden secrets on how you can do a gig review professionally without getting Banned on Fiverr.
  • How you can get a verified USA Fiverr account 90% guaranteed!
  • How to turn your repeated buyers to your ATM (You can never guess).

Learn more about this Course

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6. 10X Ecommerce Complete Masterclass

10X Ecommerce Complete Masterclass-expertnaire online courses

Another great course in the Ecommerce niche is the Ecommerce Complete Masterclass by Jonathan Melody.

Jonathan’s course on Expertnaire made a lot of Millionaires in 2020. Even the CEO of Expertnaire, Toyin, promoted this course and made millions.

According to Jonathan, after many years of trial-and-error marketing, he’s finally discovered the holy grail to marketing online.

Basically, he helps business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs selling physical products to build and grow a highly profitable ecommerce business online.

Jonathan’s Ecommerce Complete Masterclass covers the following topics:

  • 10X Ecommerce Masterclass.
  • An exclusive collection of Funnel page designs, 10X Sales letters, Emails, and 10X Paid Ad Copies for each product)
  • My Step-by-Step Ninja Product Research Guide.
  • My List of Contact Agents in China.
  • How to create ecommerce product videos.
  • One year support and mentorship.
  • How to Work directly with Manufacturers
  • How to Manage and Scale your ecommerce Business Value
  • How to ethically spy on your competitors.

Why enroll in this course?

The truth is, whether you are enrolling in this course to learn and make money or promoting it as an affiliate to those in need of it, it is a trusted course for money value.

I suggest you also go through the video course which explains how Jonathan has built his 10X Ecommerce Empire in Nigeria.

Learn more about this Course

5. The Study in Canada Masterclass Training

The Study in Canada Masterclass Training + Expertnaire Course 2aa

Relocation to Canada from Nigeria is already one of the most searched topics on Google/ng, and so, on Expertnaire, there is a course called “The Study in Canada Masterclass Training” by Michael Apata.

The digital course is a step-by-step blueprint followed to successfully move to Canada as an international student, and also become a permanent resident of Canada all without an agent.

Topics include:

  • How to search for school and programs that will save you a lot of unnecessary agent fees.
  • The exact process for getting undergraduate admission to Canadian schools
  • How to discover special programs that can help you come to Canada outside the regular undergraduate and postgraduate programs. 
  • How to write an impressive statement of intent that gets you admission.
  • Getting your first job is key to sustaining yourself in Canada. You will learn how to do this fast.
  • Learn about the Cost of living as a student in Canada. This is a vital aspect of your immigration journey to Canada. Knowing this ahead will help you plan appropriately.
  • The tuition fees and how do you pay them conveniently? You will learn this
  • The secrets of increasing your visa approval chances.
  • What to do if you’re married and you want your spouse and children to join you in Canada, you need to know certain things. Etc.

Learn more about this Course


Expertnaire Digital products-The CPA AFFILIATE MASTERY b

To begin with, Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketing is an affiliate model where a commission is paid when a user takes a specific action. These actions include filling out a form, getting a quote, signing up for a trial, or making a purchase

Like Affiliate Marketing, CPA is a massive route to make money on the internet as a Nigerian.

This Digital CPA course is offered by Michael Olatunji and covers a number of Digital areas that will give you the advantage to earn up to $10,000 a month and go to Dubai twice yearly on all-expense paid trip with this opportunity.

Why enroll in this course?

Olatunji has made 7-8 figures in passive income from financial markets without trading any currency via the CPA affiliate marketing industry.

To see more of this, check out the free lesson here.  


3. The Ultimate Move to Canada with Low IELTS Guide

[this product is delisted pending update by the vendor]

The Ultimate Move to Canada with Low IELTS Guide -expertnaire course b

Like GRE exam which is scary for a lot of people seeking relocation to the USA, UK, and Canada, the IELTS exams breaths fear for most prospects, therefore the Ultimate Move to Canada with Low IELTS Guide by Daniel Ola solves this problem.

Although all this info can be found on the internet in parts, Ola’s course puts everything in one place for you to see the exact method to go through your relocation process.

As an affiliate, relocation or Travels is a great niche, and so, you will have lots of successes with it.

 Apart from that, Ola has provided lots of Promotional Files for you to use and promote this course such as:

  • Email Follow-up Samples.
  • Facebook Ad Images Swipe File.
  • More Email Follow Ups.
  • Google Display Ad Swipe File 1.
  • Google Display Ad Swipe File 2.

Learn more about this Course

2. The Permanent Resident in Canada Blueprint

[this product is delisted pending update by the vendor]

The Permanent Resident in Canada Blueprint + Expertnaire course

As of 2019 and 2020, this was the top-selling product/digital course on Expertnaire and in 2021, it is still the top 5 sold courses.  

The Permanent Residence in Canada Blueprint was and it’s still popular such that you can easily find it organically on the Internet.

The relocation course vendor is Victor Jegede and the solution it offers is relocation to Canada without spending a dime on third-party agents just as he did it himself.

Learn more about this Course

1. 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint + Implementation Program

72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint + Implementation Program

The 72ig program has been rebranded 3 or 4 times with different enrollment prices per time.

As of the time of writing, it is sold at N50,000 and it is a top-selling course on Expertnaire Nigeria because it teaches you how to make money online.

Even better, the new model shows how using your Smartphone + WhatsApp is possible and, you will be shocked to know that hundreds of young people and full-time income earners are making money via the 72ig model.

Again, there are 2 ways to join Expertnaire, as an ordinary member and as a premium member. Joining via the 72ig program gives you automatic membership for 1 year and lots of benefits you can find here.

So as a beginner, you can follow the 72IG program and decide to pick a product on “How to relocate to Canada with low IELTS score” for instance, and make mad sales from it. How possible?

 It is because the 72IG Expertnaire course teaches you SALES & MARKETING.

Learn more about this Course – VIDEO LESSON


Further Lessons on Expertnaire

➡️ How To Make Money on Expertnaire in 7 Days + PDF

➡️ 72IG Implementation Training Program Review: 27 Truths & 10 Gifts

➡️ The 72ig WhatsApp Income Generator

➡️ Expertnaire Affiliate Program Review & Commissions

➡️ Top 17 Expertnaire earning proofs and testimonies


The Refund Policy on Expertnaire Courses

Should you be asking if the Expertnaire digital training courses come with refunds, the answer is yes.

Your investment in the majority or 90% of products by vendors is Covered by Expertnaire 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

This means if you are not satisfied with the product, you can ask Expertnaire for a refund within 30 days of purchase.


4 Ways to Promote Expertnaire Courses & Make Money Fast

Here are the summaryy routes I recommend. For indepth lesson, see How To Make Money on Expertnaire in 7 Days + PDF.

#1. Via WhatsApp Pressing Your Phone 

The best way I recommend you get started as a beginner is by using WhatsApp. Why do I recommend WhatsApp?

It is because I don’t want you to spend money now. Just use your mobile phone + WhatsApp YOU HAVE ALREADY and get your first 10-20 sales, and from there on, if you want to invest in paid advertising you go ahead with it.

Here is how to promote Expertnaire Products using WhatsApp as a beginner 

Step 1. Create a WhatsApp Group.

I believe creating a WhatsApp group is what we all can do.

Go to Play or iOS Store and download the App if you don’t have already. Good news? You don’t need to use a Business WhatsApp.

Here is the link to download it – for Android users

Here is the link to download it – for Apple Users.


Step 2. Create an Automated message

The function of the automated message is to respond to prospects when once they click on your class link.

Here is a sample of my automated link – https://wa.link/jq6it4

E.g. Let’s say the WhatsApp class was on “How to relocate to Canada with less than N500k”

An example of a fascination you can drop in the group to get people all hyped up is.

E.g. Do you know that there are 3 airlines that give 40% discount on flight tickets if you are going to Canada for a Masters course? On the event happening tomorrow by 7pm on this group, Mr. Ajayi is going to reveal the 3 airlines and how you can take advantage of their 40% discounts.

If interested, click here now to join the class – you drop the link above or you use a tool like TinyURL and shorten it. 

When people click on that link, they will land on your WhatsApp group and join. Alternatively,  you can make them contact you directly, from there you add them to your group.

Step 3. Add people to your group – Traffic Sources

This is where you use your unique method to add people to the group, but I have my own I use.

I add people using FREE Traffic. Here is one I shared with my closed mentorship group on Saturday.

Promote Expertnaire Products

When you add people, it’s time to remind them of the class. Here is how you can do it.

Step 4. Remind them a Few Days and Hours to the Event

The best way is actually by using Fascinations + Reminders

Like what I did here: Do you know there is a WhatsApp sales script that gets you 1- 5 sales within the first 24 hours of signing up as an affiliate on Expertnaire? This script is what I used to make my first N72k on Expertnaire. I will expose this sales script during the class holding in this group by 7pm tomorrow. Don’t miss out.

Class: 8pm.

Here is another sample I used today.

Do you remember the Sagem phones?

Back in 2006, my brother owned one of them – the Sagem X4.

That was the best phone in my entire family as at then.

It was around this time that “wonder banks” became popular.

If you don’t know “wonder banks,” they were another version of wrong investment programs designed to cart away the funds of greedy and ignorant people.

Unfortunately, I was greedy and ignorant too as at then.

 I thought I could actually make a lot of money without putting in any effort.

When the wonder banks promised that one could make back about 20X of your money just by investing your money with them for about 30 days, I fell for it.

 So, I invested my entire school fees in the said program.

I also convinced my brother that we would make a lot more money by selling his Sagem phone and investing in the program.

So, he sold his phone and we invested it.

 Till today, we are still yet to get back N1 from the said program.

 Anytime I try something that does not work, I make sure I learnt from it.

 That was the last time I tried any unreasonable money multiplication program.

 Instead, I focused on something proven to change my financial life.

 I focused on learning how to sell.

 And that ONE skill is what changed my life forever.

 2021 is almost over and as you can see; the Nigerian economy isn’t getting any better.

 But like I will teach in my “Online Business Class tonight”, tigers starve last in the jungle.

 Even though the economy is worse than ever, some people are still prospering and making bank every day.

 If you don’t know how to sell, one of the things you should decide to do is to start learning how to sell.

 If you don’t start, 2021 will also soon be over.

 How can you start learning how to sell?

Join us today in our “Online Class Tonight on Affiliate Marketing” and see the incredible ways young people are making money on the internet pressing their phone. It’s a N230K before December 25th Challenge – Batch D.

Time: 8pm



Step 5. Hold the class.

Hold the class based on what you promised the prospects.

For me, I promote 2 Expertnaire prospects as seen in the video I linked. A travel and Make Money Online product.

And for these 2 products, I have my WhatsApp class templates – where everything I will say in the class is already there.

You can sit down and do a little research before going on with it. However, if you signed up to the 72ig program via my link you get this ALL for free.

Some of us might ask. What if I already joined? Well, you can still get it if interested. 


Step 6. Show Earning Proofs or results of products

When you hold the class, you have to show people that this has worked for you. And what if you are a beginner? You can showcase other’s testimonies as well.

How can you get these earning proofs?

Check out the vendor’s page + your Expertnaire Dashboard. Or if you’re promoting the same “Make Money Online Product” as I am, I can send it along if you want.

Step 7. Make Sales.

Let’s say you invited 100 people to your WhatsApp group and after the class 3 went ahead to buy the digital product you promoted, you would have made some money to start Facebook ads, or replicate the process again.

There are other things you want to do which I have stated in the 72ig Resources/Manual. Let’s go on.

Step 8. Close the group.

After following up on your prospects for 7-14 days, you can close the group or remove them for another Batch. That’s how to make money with Expertnaire via the 72ig program without spending a dime on Ads.

Currently, I am holding a Batch D class which is 8pm Tonight. So far, 70+ persons are in the group. See below.

list of products on expertnaire

Over to you.

If you are yet to join Expertnaire – the best way I recommend to join is via the 72ig program which gives you an automatic membership and so much more you can find here.

In-depth guideHow To Make Money on Expertnaire in 7 Days + PDF

Other’s ways to promote products on Expertnaire and make money.


#2. Via Facebook Advertising

In summary, Facebook ads are paid messages that businesses place on Facebook.

As a newbie, you can go to Facebook and create a page and use paid ads.

A paid ad lets you target a particular demographic, and you can be as specific or as broad as you’d like.

Facebook ad campaigns are available in a variety of formats, and the best news is that you also get to specify how much you want to spend, including “the overall amount”.

Best news? FB advertising is taught deeply in the 72ig program.


#3. Twitter Influencers

Get in contact with Twitter influencers and get your WhatsApp class or promotion done.

Recently, I wanted to try out Twitter influencers and so I got some promo rates. Here is one of them.

Promoting Expertnaire Products

Again, if you need some Twitter influencer’s recommendations then comment below and I will give you their link.


#4. WhatsApp TVs

You can also use WhatsApp TVs to promote products on Expertnaire by driving traffic to your WhatsApp class. To get a list of them check out  72ig WhatsApp page.

Promote Expertnaire Products with whatsapp


Other Qualifying Leesons on Expertnaire

➡️Expertnaire Registration: How to Sign Up as Expertnaire Affiliate in 7 Steps

➡️ Expertnaire Full Review

➡️ Benefit of Expertnaire as a digital marketer

📖 Expertnaire Registration Fee and Full Video Guide on How to Sign up

➡️ Top 17 Expertnaire earning proofs and testimonies


Wrapping up.

If you are looking for credible online courses to buy on Expertnaire then you have lots of them made available by Experts and vendors in different fields and niches.

And as an affiliate -Expertnaire member, there is a TON of money in affiliate marketing.

The best thing is that, you don’t even need to think of owning a product or creating one, Expertnaire will pay you thousands & millions every week just to promote someone else’s product.

Ranging from Copywriting, Kindle Publishing, Ecommerce, Sales and marketing, Travel, and lots more, Expertnaire has these products, and more being added to the over 60 digital products available now you can recommend to your audiences and make money.

All in all, do note that Expertnaire is not an investment platform, Ponzi scheme, or a scammy program where you invest N50k to get N200K after 2 days. Nope.

This is a digital course and legitimate platform such as Udemy, Clickbank, JvZoo, and others as seen in the international scenes.

That’s it on the top Expertnaire Nigeria digital training courses. Should you have any questions leave them in the comment section and I WILL attend to them. 👋


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