Expertnaire sign up via the 72ig program with ₦60,000.

The 72ig-Expertnaire SIGN UP

Expertnaire sign up as an ordinary affiliate with ₦10,000.

Expertnaire sign in

Expertnaire Sign up fee Review 2022

Here is a summary guide on Expertnaire Registration Fees and how to sign up on Expertnaire Nigeria + the steps to get started.


What is Expertnaire?

Expertnaire is a marketing website where you sign up as a member and promote digital products to make money.

The Expertnaire sign-up fee as an ordinary member is ₦10,000 while as a premium member via the 72ig program is ₦60,000.


What is the 72ig Program of Expertnaire?

The 72ig program is a lesson that teaches you how to promote digital products to make money.


Expertnaire vs 72ig Program?

The difference between Expertnaire and the 72ig program is that Expertnaire is just an affiliate website and marketplace where affiliates join as members to promote digital products and get paid while the 72ig program is an online training program on Expertnaire that educates you on how to sell the actual products on Expertnaire so you avoid the struggles of other members and most especially if you are a beginner.


Expertnaire Registration Fee Summary

There are 2 ways to join Expertnaire; as an ordinary and premium member. The Expertnaire registration fee as an ordinary affiliate is ₦10,000 per year while the Expertnaire sign up fee as a premium member via the 72ig program is ₦60,000 only.


Joining Expertnaire as an Ordinary Member vs Via The 72ig Program Comparison

#1. Joining Expertnaire as an ordinary member gives you access to ONLY the Expertnaire affiliate website and the products while joining Expertnaire via the 72ig Program gives you more than membership but full training on how to sell products and make money.

#2. As a 72ig student, you get trained via the 72IG Implementation Program on how to sell products online using a combination of email marketing and PPC traffic. A lesson that takes your digital marketing skills to a new level while as an ordinary member you do not.

#3. As a 72ig student, you get the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator program – the complete step-by-step training on how to use your phone and make money using WhatsApp. But as an OM – ordinary member, you do not get it.

#4. Get educated on how to scale your online business with Affiliate marketing using simple techniques as a 72ig student while as an OM you get nothing.

#5. When you join via the 72ig program, you get lots of training resources both for the 72ig WhatsApp and Implementations training.

#6. You get exclusive weekly live lessons and classes, when necessary, should you have questions or issues that need to be addressed.

#7. When you join as a 72ig program, you get access to the Exclusive 72ig Facebook community but as an ordinary member, you do not.

#8. The course vendor of the 72ig is Toyin Omotoso, who also doubles as the CEO of Expertnaire

#9. As a bonus, you get 50% commission per sale of the same 72ig product while as an ordinary member you get 30% commission. 🙄


Expertnaire Signup Fee and Steps

Step 1. Copy the Expertnaire Sign up link and paste in a New Incognito Tab and Enter to load

Step 2. Go to the 72ig page

Step 3. Make Payment and Checkout.

Step 4. Get Payment Confirmation verification and Receipt

Step 6. Get Access to the 72ig Training program

Step 7. Get the 72ig Expertnaire Easy Sales Manual

Step 6. Login and select a product you want to promote and get started

Step 7. Receive your affiliate commission.


Expertnaire Registration Fee and Full Video Guide on How to Sign up

See the video below for Expertnaire signup fee and steps.

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That is it on Expertnaire Registration Fee and the sign up steps. 👐