Current UBA Prepaid Dollar Card Rate to Naira

Uba Prepaid Card Dollar Rate

When you are withdrawing from your UBA USD Prepaid Dollar Card to Naira, different exchange rates apply based on the methods used. 

And while there are types of withdrawal methods, nonetheless, factors such as the CBN rate, local Bank rate, time of withdrawal, and withdrawal method affect the overall Dollar to Naira rates you’re getting.  

In this guide, we will examine the types of UBA Africard rates, different exchange rates that are possible, and how to withdraw your funds at the best rate to your Nigerian bank account with instant payment in case you’re moving your funds from PayPal or other sources to your Prepaid USD Card. 


Types of UBA Prepaid Dollar Card Exchange Rates 

#1. Standard Local Bank Exchange Rates for USD to Naira 

UBA Prepaid USD Card Standard Exchange rate is based on the official local bank exchange rates of the USD to Naira at the time of withdrawal. 

#2. fnfSwap Exchange Rates for USD to Naira

The other Afri Card USD rate is from fnfSwap which is based on the out-of-bank market rate – at over 80% higher than the local bank exchange rate. 


What is the Latest UBA Prepaid Card Dollar Exchange Rate in Nigeria?

uba prepaid card rate today

The UBA Prepaid Dollar Card exchange rate USD to Naira today using the local bank is ₦430/$. The exchange rate goes up to ₦440 and ₦470 with local exchangers, and the best exchange rate goes to over ₦650/$ with fnfSwap. 

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What is the Current UBA PayPal Rate?

The current UBA PayPal rate in the country is 429/$ at any UBA branch, however, the rate with local exchangers ranges from ₦500/$ to ₦550/$. The best rate is with fnfSwap, which is above ₦651/$ with instant Naira payment to your bank account.

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Weekday UBA Prepaid Card Bank Exchange Rates 

If you choose to withdraw from your UBA Prepaid USD Card to your Nigerian bank account, UBA will use the official exchange rate of ₦430/$ to send the money to your bank. 

Also, if you’re withdrawing using the Naira variant Prepaid Card (let’s say from PayPal), the funds might take 2 or more days to hit your Nigerian bank account, still at the local exchange rate. 


Naira Bank Exchange Rates vs fnfSwap Exchange Rates 

If you’re exchanging directly with the bank, let’s do the Math together by first finding out the exchange rate for that day by entering “Dollar to Naira Rate” on Google Search Engine to get the latest rate. 

Also, we will compare the rate to what you will get with fnfSwap Naira to the Dollar rate.  

According to Google Search Engine and the CBN website source, the Dollar to Naira rate today is ₦430/$

uba rate today

  • How much is $500 in Naira based on the local bank rate? $500 to Naira with UBA local bank rate is $500 × ₦430 = ₦215,000, while with fnfSwap it is over ₦300,000.
  • How much is $100 in Naira based on the local bank rate? $100 to Naira with UBA local bank rate is $100 × ₦430 = ₦43,000, while with fnfSwap it is over ₦60,000
  • How much is $50 in Naira based on the local bank rate? $50 to Naira with UBA local bank rate is $50 × ₦430 = ₦21,500, while with fnfSwap it is over ₦30,000.
  • How much is $10 in Naira based on the local bank rate? $10 to Naira with UBA local bank rate is $10 × ₦430 = ₦4,300, while with fnfSwap it is over ₦6,000.

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What’s the best way to Exchange UBA Prepaid Dollar funds for Naira?

The best way to withdraw from the UBA Prepaid Dollar Card to Naira and get the full worth of your funds is to use fnfSwap

This way, you would get above official exchange rates and could even withdraw less than $30 from your card balance.

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What Currencies do the UBA Afri Prepaid Card Operate in?

The currency denominations with the UBA cards are Dollars and Naira. Naira for the Naira variant card, and USD for the Dollar Card. 


How can I get the UBA Prepaid Dollar Card?

  • Walk into any UBA Bank branch
  • Request the UBA Prepaid Dollar-denominated Card
  • Fill out the form with your details (passport photo, ID card, and Nepa Bill)
  • Wait for 30 mins to 1 hr. to get the card.
  • Fund the card and activate it.
  • Link it to PayPal and withdraw funds.
  • Swap the funds with fnfSwap. 

Here is a full short guide on it.


Where can I buy and fund my UBA Prepaid Dollar Card?

You can fund your card with fnfSwap or buy from the local market. 

If you’re buying from the local market, search around your region and local BDC Aboki guys and pay Naira and receive Dollar, take it to the bank, fill in the deposit slip, and give it to the bank personnel to fund the account. 

If you’re funding with fnfSwap without going to the bank,

  • Contact fnfSwap and see how it works 
  • Make Naira equivalent payment 
  • Drop your 10 digits and client ID number 
  • Get funded. 

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Let me know if you have any questions concerning the UBA prepaid card dollar rate to Naira. 


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