21+ Hot Selling Expertnaire Products and Prices

Best Selling Expertnaire Products

Looking for a full list of best-selling Expertnaire Products to Promote and make money? If yes, then this super guide is for you. Even more, I will go on to show you the recent Earnings to boost your marketing strides. But first, here is a big shock.

The worst thing that can happen when promoting products on Expertnaire is to invest tens of hours in building a campaign or strategizing around a product that doesn’t sell. It’s frustrating I must say.

Why is this even important?

As I said on Expertnaire Review: How to cross N500K, I did say that promoting a good offer to the wrong sets of people will only create suitors or admirers but no sales. In the Blogging glossary, we say impressions (intentions to buy).

On the other hand, it’s NOT just important to find products that will give you good enough tools and materials to promote them, but the one that is productive and results proven which goes on to show you why you need to know a product in the first place to make your marketing job much easier.


In this Expertnaire digital products guide, I’ll talk about the top Expertnaire products that will give you fewer headaches to promote because they are already hot in the market.

But before we begin… If you will like a video review, then I’d employ you to watch the video below to see some selling high-quality Expertnaire products.

However, if not, no shaking as you will get the full list here for both 2020, 2021, and 2022 as I update them regularly.

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What Types of Products are Sold on Expertnaire?

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First, Expertnaire is a marketplace or a website where (you) a digital marketer promote digital products and get paid.

Expertnaire sign in

Therefore, the affiliate programs sold on Expertnaire are digital products.

Examples of digital products are eBooks, podcasts, and video lessons.


The Big Question Is, Should Everyone Be an Expertnaire Affiliate Marketer? 

Most of the time when I tell new prospects who want to join Expertnaire that – if they want to work with me to succeed, they have to:

#1. Join Expertnaire via the 72ig program,

#2. Go through the lesson program for 30 days and take notes,

#3. Then Ask me questions along the way,

#4. Get free marketing templates top affiliates have used already.

And #5. Get a free landing page for promoting products, they ignore and look for sweet talking member that promises them discounts and after signing up with their affiliate link, the relationship is off. 

As in, they don’t respond to chats or any form of support – I have received so many complaints about this.


Therefore, if you ARE YET to join Expertnaire Nigeria, I won’t tell you that you don’t have work to do. Anything worthful requires a considerable amount of work to see results.

However, if you are a beginner, then, since I’ve gone through the system and gracefully made 7 figures, I will work with you – when you need me.

So, you can hang on to sign up later, or click here to talk to me about the sign-up process on Expertnaire via the 72ig program.

Alternatively, answer these questions.


Now, back to the question.

Should Everyone Be an Expertnaire Affiliate Marketer?

Of course, no. Not everyone should be an affiliate marketer. Why this?

It is because affiliate marketing requires time, money for advertisements, and patience before seeing results.

Therefore, if you want an online business, you don’t necessarily have to invest funds into advertisements and additional marketing funnel concepts, you can go for Freelancing or Amazon KDP.

Both will make you cool money in dollars – if you are dedicated.  

Below is one payment I received outside of Affiliate Marketing.

Should Everyone Be an Expertnaire Affiliate Marketer

If you do the calculation, that’s over ₦340,000 for one business execution. So, you get the point. 😉 

If you want to know how I got the above pay, bookmark this and read later on.


In conclusion: Affiliate marketing is not the only way to make money online. But if you REALLY REALLY want to do it, be patient, and invest time and money to make it a success.

You’re welcome.

List of Top Expertnaire Products & Vendor Prices for Affiliate Marketers


1. Amazon KDP Passive Income Generator

Amazon KDP is an online business you make money off by publishing books. KDP allows you to self-publish eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcover books for free.

Amazon KDP business is free in the sense that you don’t pay anything upfront. The royalty rate is 35% by default, 70% if you price within a certain range, and allows worldwide sales rights.

Even at 35%, the royalty rates are better than you’re likely to get with a traditional publisher, but it means that editing, cover art, advertising, promotion, and all the other things that a traditional publisher ordinarily handles are your responsibility (either DIY or hiring the appropriate people) if you want your book to succeed financially.

The hot-selling Amazon KDP product on Expertnaire is Victor Ashley’s course which is called “Amazon KDP Passive Income Generator”.


Price of Amazon KDP on Expertnaire

The Amazon KDP product is ₦29,999.00, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦14,999.5.


How People Are Making Money with Amazon KDP

As an affiliate marketer, if you don’t want to start running paid ads to promote programs, you can get started with Amazon KDP on the side which is free with literally zero-dollar investment. See a few people making it happen with Amazon KDP.

I have five books out (the first one released in November 2019) and three shorts, and after bringing in about 2k net last year, I’m on pace for over 30k net this year. 70% or more is via Kindle Unlimited, with the rest almost entirely ebook sales. Hoping to keep building with each new release! – Ctullbane.

I’ve made about 1.5 million dollars, flown the world, and been doing this full-time since 2016. There are many, many authors you’ve never heard of who’s done the same. – Arkelias

Click here to try Amazon KDP | Click here to see more testimonies.

Verdict on Starting Amazon KDP Online Business – if you want to start an Amazon KDP business, and you have a computer (laptop), then I recommend you go with the Amazon KDP Passive Income Generator

And should you want to see the content – what you get after purchasing it. I already paid for it, so, below is a video that shows you all the content inside the business lesson program.


2. Amazon KDP for Smartphone

Amazon KDP for Smartphone product on expertnaire

Amazon KDP for smartphones is a step-by-step guide that shows your audience how to earn $200-$1000 monthly from Amazon with just your Smartphone and secondary school knowledge. 

The product’s vendor is Abraham Aiyejinna.


Price of Amazon KDP for Smartphoneon Expertnaire

The digital product is sold for ₦20,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦10,000.


Verdict on Starting Amazon KDP for Smartphone – if you want a simple and easygoing Amazon KDP online business method using only your smartphone – ANDRIOD USERS ONLY, then I recommend you watch the simple video presentation by Abraham here to fully understand how you can start this Andriod business only with your Smartphone.

3.  72IG Implementation Program

The 72 Implementation Program is another hot-selling training program on NOT just how to make money online but how to sell affiliate products on Expertnaire with many resources to back up your success.

The vendor of the course is the CEO of Expertnaire, Toyin Omotoso.

New 72IG Implementation Training Program

Price of 72ig on Expertnaire

The 72ig product is sold for ₦62,500, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦31,250 for those who join Expertnaire through the 72ig program. And those who join Expertnaire as ordinary members commission is 30% which amounts to ₦18,750.


How to get 50% of the product sales – commission

Since this loss as an ordinary member will be way too much, I recommend you join as a student of the implementation program (if you can) where you get a 50% commission. Else, here is what you lose with 20 sales, N200,000 😥 

You will lose N200,000. Meaning, your marketing efforts are not fully rewarded.

Click here to sign up for 50% | Click here to see more testimonies | Summary of what you get as a member.

Traffic Sources: the recommended are Google Display Network, WhatsApp, Advanced Email Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, and Native Ads.

Contest – Active. Affiliates win prices.

See Case Study #1. How Toyin Omotoso Built The Expertnaire Empire & his struggles.

4. The No-Hassle Naija To Canada Japa System

The No-Hassle Naija To Canada Japa System by Oluseyi Obasi is a hot-selling product on Expertnaire. This product shows prospects how to relocate to Canada via the Study Routes.


Price of “The No Hassle Naija To Canada Japa Systemon Expertnaire

The No Hassle Naija To Canada Japa System product is sold for ₦40,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦20,000.

Check out the Program here.

Affiliate Commissions: As an affiliate, you get a 50% commission to promote it to your audiences.

Traffic Sources: the recommended are Google Display Network, Email Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, and Native Ads.

Contest – Active. Affiliates win prices.

For ONLINE JOBS OPPORTUNITIES and weekend lessons, join our Telegram community and Subscribe to this YouTube channel for lessons on Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, and beating 9-5 jobs.

5. Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program

The affiliate marketing accelerator program is a good 72ig alternative program lesson. The program vendor is Caleb Ekene Nwanneka – a highly successful Expertnaire affiliate. 

So after losing all his life savings to a failed business in 2019, Caleb went on to make over 150₦ Naira in 48 months and has decided to show you how with no rich parents or even rich aunty or uncle, you can make real money online promoting digital products. 

And yes, I know about this guy. However, while I don’t now about the ₦150M earning apart, I can say that his program is rich.


Price of “Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program on Expertnaire

The product is sold for ₦30,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦15,000.

>> Read Caleb’s Story of making over ₦100,000,000 in 2 years.


The verdict about Cale’s AMAP program. 

If you can’t sign up via the 72ig program but still need an affiliate marketing lesson to succeed on Expertnaire, then I recommend the Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program by Caleb Nwanneka.

Wait. I already know what you want to ask. That is, since the 72ig program gives me a FREE EXPERTNAIRE account, does Caleb’s affiliate marketing program gives me the same? The answer is no.

72ig + Expertnaire account is ₦62,500.

While Amap by Caleb + Expertnaire account is ₦40,000 – ₦30,000.00 for the course + N10,000 for the Expertnaire account.  

6. Dollar ATM Model

I’m sure you’ve heard of Michael Olatunji. A known digital marketer with digital products that focus mostly on earning money in dollars.

In his Dollar ATM Model program, you learn the 3 simple steps to start getting paid $600 – $1770 from Forex and Crypto Brokers around the world.


Price of the digital product on Expertnaire

The product is sold for ₦50,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦25,000

> Check out the program here.


Verdict on the Dollar ATM Model Program

While similar to affiliate marketing, imagine using the Dollar ATM Model called CPA to do 10 signups per month…That’s $17,700 every month…With just your smartphone. In Naira that’s over N7,350,328.80 per month.

One of his students, Nachos pocketed $4150.80 just a few months after he started CPA.

Another of his student, Ayodele, did $3200 in just a few months of doing CPA.

The thing is, if you want to divert a bit from affiliate marketing and do CPA to see results fast, then you need the Backdoor System.

But What is this Backdoor System and how can you use it to receive $1000 – $5000 per month

Please watch the presentation by Olatunji here to fully understand how to make money from CPA using the Dollar ATM Model.

7. The Foreign Copywriting Initiative

Copywriting is the skill of writing copy (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, etc.) that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take quick or delayed action. In many ways, it’s like hiring one salesman to reach all of your customers.

To every sales page you see online there is a copyrighter behind it, and they get paid heavily for writing those sweet lines that convince you to pull out your credit card and pay for a product.

With skills such as the English Language, an Eye for Detail, a Wide Vocabulary, Curiosity, the Ability to See Different Points of View, Research Skills, and more you can try out copyrighting.

Therefore, the Foreign Copywriting Initiative shows you how to turn this to a $5,000-a-month business.


Price of “the Foreign Copywriting Initiative” on Expertnaire

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative product is sold for ₦49,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦24,500.

Check out the Program here

8. High Paid Freelancer Premium Program

Freelancing is an online business you work for yourself by proving a service to clients.

Instead of being employed by a company, freelancers tend to work as self-employed, delivering their services on a contract or project basis

In this freelance product by Enyinnaya Walter, students are shown how to Earn No Less Than $500- $5000 monthly by Simply Working for or with Foreign Businesses.

Check out the High Paid Freelancer Premium Program.


Price of “High Paid Freelancer Premium Programon Expertnaire

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative product is sold for ₦50,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦25,000.

See more Testimonials


9. Full Cryptocurrency Ultimate Course

The crypto program was launched by Olanipekun Abayomi Kayode, and it teaches crypto enthusiasts how to profit from a billion dollars cryptocurrency market using a framework called C.N.D

Olanipekun goes further to show prospects how to keep profiting from the crypto market at any point in time through Crypto jobs, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Defi, Full Trading Monster Package (How to trade on spot and Futures Trading), Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Risk Management Techniques, Psychological Trading, and more.


Price of the digital product

The product is sold for ₦85,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦42,500

> Check out the program here


Let’s go on to see other hot products on Expertnaire

List of Hot Selling Products on Expertnaire for Affiliates


WhatsApp Millionaire Secrets

WhatsApp Millionaire Secrets was launched by Joseph Don-ugwu. With his WhatsApp marketing secrets, you will learn how you can get your own share of the money people like you are making every week on WhatsApp.

To see how to promote Expertnaire products using WhatsApp marketing, please watch this video presentation by Joseph.


Price of the digital product on Expertnaire

The product is sold for ₦25,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦12,500

> Check out the program here.


Domain Income for Smartphone

If you are a tech guy or lady and you want a simple side hustle, then I see the Domain Income for Smartphone as one of the programs to take on. But what is this all about?

The Domain Income for Smartphones shows a simple way to make money in DOLLARS right now by reselling domains. For instance, you can buy a domain at $10 and later resell it at $300+.

But what is a domain?

A Domain is a name or web address of a website. For example, Expertnaire.com is a domain name. You can read more here.

The good thing is that you can do this with your smartphone.

Read more about how to Register a Domain Name for $7.99, and sell it for $350 In Your Spare Time


Price of the digital product

The product is sold for ₦15,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦7,500

>> Check out the program here.

The S.E.D.P. Affiliate CashOut Workshop

The S.E.D.P. Affiliate CashOut Expertnaire product is an affiliate marketing course that shows the EXACT 5 Step Formula anyone can use and generate up to ₦150,000 or more.

The product’s vendor is Desmond Okosi.

Check out The S.E.D.P. Affiliate CashOut Workshop


Price of “The S.E.D.P. Affiliate CashOut Workshopon Expertnaire

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative product is sold for ₦18,500, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦9,250

See more Testimonies


The Canada Express Entry Masterclass

The Canada Express Entry Masterclass is owned by Oluseyi Obasi. The program shows prospects how to relocate to Canada via the Express Entry as a Permanent Resident Skilled Worker…Without Having to Study!


Price of “Canada Express Entry Masterclass” on Expertnaire

The product is sold for ₦60,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦30,000

>> Check out the program here.

Alternative Digital products Expertnaire and prices

Below are not-so-popular Expertnaire products you can promote and make money.


Freelance For Smartphone

Like the Amazon KDP for smartphones by Abraham, Enyinnaya Walter launched the Freelance program For Smartphones to show prospects the right way to get high-paying freelance clients/gigs on their smartphones even if they are complete newbies with no freelance skills.

The good thing about the program is that it is accessible to both Android and iOS users.


Price of “Freelance for Smartphone” on Expertnaire

The product is sold for ₦20,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦10,000

>> Check out the program here.


Smartphone Trading 101

Smartphone Trading 101 is owned by Michael Essien. The program shows prospects how to get up to a 98% Success Rate almost Every Single Time they pick up their phone to trade even as newbies.

In the program, prospects learn How to open a real synthetic trading account and link it to the MetaTrader Platform, Understand the MetaTrader platform, the Candlestick, Basic Market Structure, Support & Resistance, and Entry & Exit Patterns.

It goes further to show how Trading Patterns like Divergence, Flag Patterns & Head and shoulder Patterns, Secret Strategies for Crash & Boom download dollars at will, and more.


Price of “Smartphone Trading 101” on Expertnaire

The product is sold for ₦30,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦15,000

>> Check out the program here.

10X Ecommerce Blueprint

Created by Jonathan Melody, the 10X e-commerce blueprint is a real deal in the e-commerce market.  

Of course, we wouldn’t deny the fact that the e-commerce industry is booming because one can easily stay put and import products, sell and make 5X profits.

“The future of e-commerce in Nigeria is still very bright despite the challenges recently noticed in the industry.

With such potential to 5X or 10x profits, how then do you make money here?

All you need to do is promote the e-commerce products to those eager to start 5Xing or 10xing their income via the importation business.

Here is the 10X Ecommerce Sales Page.

The program is relatively interesting to promote as you have many angles to market it to your audiences.


The Study In Canada Masterclass Training

The product shows prospects the processes involved in applying to study in Canada as an international student, extending a study permit, and finding out about working while you study or after you graduate from Nigeria. 

The product’s vendor is Michael Apata.

Check out The Study in Canada Masterclass Training


Price of “The Study in Canada Masterclass Trainingon Expertnaire

The product is sold for ₦25,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦12,500.


Expertnaire Millionaires WhatsApp & Telegram Community

Affiliate Marketing is not a “jump & make Money online business”, there is a process to it. If you are told half-baked info then you will be left to struggle on your own and end up calling it a scam. Therefore, if you are a NEWBIE & you want an A-Z guidance (to get started to sales), and how the platform works, join the beginners’ exclusive group below.  

⮞⮞ Check out EXPERTNAIRE Millionaires WhatsApp & Telegram groups

The 30-Day Natural Weight Loss Challenge

The 30-Day Natural Weight Loss Challenge is a practical guide that shows your audiences how to lose weight in a natural, simple, fast and painless way…at the same time reversing aging and other life-threatening diseases like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and insomnia naturally.

It goes further to answer questions such as:

  • Physique self-conscious.
  • urge struggle to fully express oneself
  • Lack of confidence in your workplace?
  • Oversized clothes.

The product’s vendor is Omotayo Adegbuyi.

Check out the product here


Price of “The 30-Day Natural Weight Loss Challenge” on Expertnaire

The product is sold for ₦18,000, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦9,000.

Freelancers Money Pot

The Freelancers Money Pot program focuses on teaching your audiences how to become a Fiverr Freelance Pro Credit Alerts That “The Rich and Wealthy Men Respect”.

As we already know, there are many Fiverr gig ideas we can start now and make money, therefore, this Expertnaire product does just that.

It goes further to answer questions such as 

  • How to set up a professional and top-notch Fiverr account and gig (Very easy to do).
  • Hot in-demand niches on Fiverr.
  • How to get a verified USA Fiverr account 90% guaranteed!
  • How to turn your repeated buyers into your ATM (You can never guess).

The product’s vendor isAjeigbe Moruf.

Check out the product here


Price of “Freelancers Money Pot” on Expertnaire

The product is sold for ₦12,500, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦6,250.

Birth Without Injuries

As stated by msdmanuals.com, Birth injuries are most commonly due to the natural forces of labor and delivery.

In the past, when risks of cesarean delivery were high, doctors did difficult deliveries by pulling the fetus out using forceps (a surgical instrument with rounded edges that fit around the fetus’s head).

However, bringing the fetus down from high in the birth canal with forceps had a high risk of causing birth injury. Today, forceps are used only in the final stages of delivery and rarely cause injury.

For this reason, the Birth without Injuries program reveals the most important thing you must do back home at your next and last visit to the hospital and you’ll be so sure to push out your baby easily without cuts, tear, or episiotomy.

The product’s vendor is Onyema Nnebedum.


Price of “Birth Without Injuries” on Expertnaire

The product is sold for ₦17,500, while the commission for affiliate marketers is 50% which is ₦8,750

The High-Score IELTS Program

Created by Ademiluyi David, the High-Score IELTS Program is a relocation and travel guide created to help people prepare for the IELTS exam and get a high score even if it is their first time taking the exam.

The best audience to promote this program to are people who need to pass the IELTS exam which is mainly required when trying to immigrate to most English-speaking countries like Canada, etc.

Created by Ademiluyi David, the High-Score IELTS Program is a relocation and travel guide created to help people prepare for the IELTS exam and get a high score even if it is their first time of taking the exam. The best audience to promote this program to are people who need to pass the IELTS exam which is mainly required when trying to immigrate to most English speaking countries like Canada, etc. Here is the sales page.

Affiliate Commissions: As an affiliate, you get a 50% commission to promote it to your targeted audiences.

Traffic Sources: (1) Google Adwords – Many people in need of this information already go to Google to search for help using keywords like IELTS, English Test, and International English Language Testing System.

(2) For targeting on Facebook and Instagram, you may start your targeting with a custom audience of people who already have an interest in relocating to Canada
You can also use interests like the “International English Language Testing System” when setting your audience on Facebook. Make sure the age range is people who have money to spend. The recommended ages: 27 and above for this.

 ➡ See: 11+ Advanced Marketing Strategies for Selling a Product

Information Business Machines

Information Business Machines is a product that magically helps you to turn any GREAT idea into a selling product.

Highest Paying Affiliate Marketing Products-expertnaire review

This product is owned by one of the successful vendors on Expertnaire – Jonathan Melody.

It has up to 3 sales pages you can extract mind-blowing benefits and promote it effectively. Let me even ask.

Wouldn’t your audience be excited to “Discover the 3 Secrets he Used to Generate N30m In 2019 Selling One Digital Product?”

To you, that’s a hot selling point. And just to note. The 3 sales pages are relatively converting plus additional resources and promotional materials.

Affiliate Commissions: As an affiliate, you get a 50% commission to promote it to your targeted audiences.

Traffic Sources: the recommended are Google Display Network, Instagram, Email Marketing, and Facebook.

How to find Digital Products, Prices, and Commissions on Expertnaire Affiliate Dashboard 

  • Login to your Expertnaire account.
  • Look to your left and go to the product marketplace.
  • Go through different affiliate programs with their prices.

The Challenge of Promoting Affiliate Products

The worst thing that can happen is promoting an affiliate product that gets lots of refunds because that product isn’t helpful or has low quality.

Gets lots of refunds? Seeing this, your question might be, does this affect an affiliate? The answer is yes.

For instance, HostGator refused to make my earnings withdrawable for about some days. Why? To guide against refunds.

Typically, that is how the internet marketing world works, and not just HostGator.

Seeing this, you want to promote digital products and services that have great quality so you end up with fewer refunds that favor you as you keep most of your referral commissions.

For you, the good news is that the products on Expertnaire are vetted not just by the team but by the CEO himself. I have seen him reject some digital products because they never met the standard.

And at other times, he will have to buy the so-called “solution product” to see for himself before promoting it to his audience – his email list.

Why all these you may ask? The answer is knowing what you want your audience to buy – build your trust or break it.

For instance, if someone wants to start a blog in 5 minutes, I recommended HostGator.com. Why? I have used them – because I wanted to avoid dramas with many Nigerian Hosting companies.

And if someone wants to make money fast on Expertnaire, I recommend he joins via the 72IG Implementation Program, where he gets to join over 4,000 students and get drilled on how to make money fast with enormous IM resources to back his/her membership. And why do I recommend it?

Because I am a student and I can only imagine the new things I learned after years as a digital marketer. 

So, all in all, the refund rates on Expertnaire Products I can say for now are minimal. That does not stop the ones in a-time refunds – for those who do not want to apply what they paid for. Funny, humans’ sha. 😆 

Before we find out the Best-selling affiliate products on Expertnaire, let me answer this question “what product do they sell on Expertnaire?”

How to Promote Expertnaire Products & Make Money Fast

Here are the routes I recommend. However, if you want an in-depth guide, see How To Make Money on Expertnaire in 7 Days + PDF.

#1. Via WhatsApp Pressing Your Phone 

The best way I recommend you get started as a beginner is by using WhatsApp. Why do I recommend WhatsApp?

It is because I don’t want you to spend money now. Just use your mobile phone + WhatsApp YOU HAVE ALREADY and get your first 10-20 sales, and from there on, if you want to invest in paid advertising you go ahead with it.


Here is how to promote Expertnaire Products using WhatsApp as a beginner 

Step 1. Create a WhatsApp Group.

I believe creating a WhatsApp group is what we all can do.

Go to Play or the iOS Store and download the App if you don’t have it already. Good news? You don’t need to use a Business WhatsApp.

Here is the link to download it – for Android users

Here is the link to download it – for Apple Users.


Step 2. Create an Automated message

The function of the automated message is to respond to prospects when once they click on your class link.

Here is a sample of my automated link – https://wa.link/jq6it4


E.g. Let’s say the WhatsApp class was on “How to relocate to Canada with less than N500k”

An example of a fascination you can drop in the group to get people all hyped up is.

E.g. Do you know that there are 3 airlines that give 40% discount on flight tickets if you are going to Canada for a Masters course? On the event happening tomorrow by 7pm on this group, Mr. Ajayi is going to reveal the 3 airlines and how you can take advantage of their 40% discounts.

If interested, click here now to join the class – you drop the link above or you use a tool like TinyURL and shorten it. 

When people click on that link, they will land on your WhatsApp group and join. Alternatively,  you can make them contact you directly, and from there you add them to your group.

Step 3. Add people to your group – Traffic Sources

This is where you use your unique method to add people to the group, but I have my own I use.

I add people using FREE Traffic. Here is one I shared with my closed mentorship group on Saturday.

Promote Expertnaire Products

When you add people, it’s time to remind them of the class. Here is how you can do it.


Step 4. Remind them a Few Days and Hours before the Event

The best way is actually by using Fascinations + Reminders

Like what I did here: Do you know there is a WhatsApp sales script that gets you 1- 5 sales within the first 24 hours of signing up as an affiliate on Expertnaire? This script is what I used to make my first N72k on Expertnaire. I will expose this sales script during the class holding in this group by 7 pm tomorrow. Don’t miss out.

Class: 8pm.

Here is another sample I used today.


Do you remember the Sagem phones?

Back in 2006, my brother owned one of them – the Sagem X4.

That was the best phone in my entire family as at then.

It was around this time that “wonder banks” became popular.

If you don’t know “wonder banks,” they were another version of wrong investment programs designed to cart away the funds of greedy and ignorant people.

Unfortunately, I was greedy and ignorant too as at then.

 I thought I could actually make a lot of money without putting in any effort.

When the wonder banks promised that one could make back about 20X of your money just by investing your money with them for about 30 days, I fell for it.

 So, I invested my entire school fees in the said program.

I also convinced my brother that we would make a lot more money by selling his Sagem phone and investing in the program.

So, he sold his phone and we invested it.

 Till today, we are still yet to get back N1 from the said program.

 Anytime I try something that does not work, I make sure I learnt from it.

 That was the last time I tried any unreasonable money multiplication program.

 Instead, I focused on something proven to change my financial life.

 I focused on learning how to sell.

 And that ONE skill is what changed my life forever.

 2021 is almost over and as you can see; the Nigerian economy isn’t getting any better.

 But like I will teach in my “Online Business Class tonight”, tigers starve last in the jungle.

 Even though the economy is worse than ever, some people are still prospering and making bank every day.

 If you don’t know how to sell, one of the things you should decide to do is to start learning how to sell.

 If you don’t start, 2021 will also soon be over.

 How can you start learning how to sell?

Join us today in our “Online Class Tonight on Affiliate Marketing” and see the incredible ways young people are making money on the internet pressing their phone. It’s a N230K before December 25th Challenge – Batch D.

Time: 8pm

Step 5. Hold the class.

Hold the class based on what you promised the prospects.

For me, I promote 2 Expertnaire prospects as seen in the video I linked. Travel and Make Money Online product.

And for these 2 products, I have my WhatsApp class templates – where everything I will say in the class is already there.

You can sit down and do a little research before going on with it. However, if you signed up for the 72ig program via my link you get this ALL for free.

Some of us might ask. What if I already joined? Well, you can still get it if interested. 


Step 6. Show Earning Proofs or results of products

When you hold the class, you have to show people that this has worked for you. And what if you are a beginner? You can showcase others’ testimonies as well.

How can you get these earning proofs?

Check out the vendor’s page + your Expertnaire Dashboard. Or if you’re promoting the same “Make Money Online Product” as I am, I can send it along if you want.


Step 7. Make Sales.

Let’s say you invited 100 people to your WhatsApp group and after class 3 went ahead to buy the digital product you promoted, you would have made some money to start Facebook ads or replicate the process again.

There are other things you want to do which I have stated in the 72ig Resources/Manual. Let’s go on.


Step 8. Close the group.

After following up on your prospects for 7-14 days, you can close the group or remove them for another Batch. That’s how to make money with Expertnaire via the 72ig program without spending a dime on Ads.

Currently, I am holding a Batch D class which is 8 pm Tonight. So far, 70+ persons are in the group. See below.

list of products on expertnaire

Over to you.

If you are yet to join Expertnaire – the best way I recommend to join is via the 72ig program which gives you an automatic membership and so much more you can find here.

See my benefits to you if you join via our link – I give all these because this is a PREMIUM PROGRAM and you deserve the best to make money as the end goal.

➡️ See your Benefits here.

Get the 72ig Easy Sales Manual – if already joined.

If you already joined Expertnaire and you want the Resources + Templates for the WhatsApp classes, you can get it for a token.

Here is part of the folder you can download and get started ASAP.

Expertnaire whatsapp class templates 2021

➡️ Click here to check out the Easy Sales Manual

Alternatively, if you do not have the funds to get the manual or join the 72ig program via our link, you can use the above method and get started and make money – because that’s the aim of joining the Expertnaire affiliate marketplace, right? Yeah. 

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